How to Find Someone by Reverse Email Address For Free
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At some time or another, most people have received scam emails that pretend to be some organization and demand personal information of people. Other people receive unknown emails repeatedly from different people that disturb them and ask their personal identity.

To not get trapped in the false and fake affair, a reverse email lookup is something that people need in their life in order to avoid the fuss. It helps the user receive or gain information on the target email sender that they've made public. A reverse email lookup would let the user know all details of the target without him knowing.

Here, we will discuss how it works to provide information about the target.

Part 1: What is a Reverse Email Lookup?

A reverse email lookup is a tool used to find out the identity and all their publicly available information. It helps the user know the person behind any unsolicited email and the intentions behind their mail. It requires the email address of the target and then gives access to all their public data.

It is due to the massive connection with the database and public search engines. With the assistance of reverse email lookup, one can gather the target's full name, his social media accounts, phone numbers, and criminal background.

This is a vital benefit of an email lookup tool as it lets the user know who is a scammer and his real identity.

Part 2: How to do a Free Reverse Email Lookup?

A free reverse email lookup is an online lookup tool that supports users to recognize people's individuality and information. This helps them know the real identity of the target by their email. Here, we will acknowledge the effectiveness of an online tool, CocoFinder, its solution, offerings, and advantages.

2.1. CocoFinder, and how does its Reverse Email lookup work?


CocoFinder is a phone lookup service that provides maximum information about the target through his name, phone number, email address, and home address. The information gathered includes the complete identity of the target, his location, phone numbers, and alternative social media accounts. Moreover, it also accesses the criminal background of the target.

Here, we will learn how CocoFinder works to achieve all the personal data of the target and how to use it in order to gain information.

Step 1: As the phone lookup service works directly from the webpage, it requires to head over to the website of CocoFinder. Click on the "Email lookup" tab on the homepage search bar.

Step 2: Enter the full and valid email address for which you want to do the search to find out his personal information. After that, you can click on the 'Start Search' button. CocoFinder will take a couple of minutes and then present the search results to you.

Step 3: CocoFinder would access and show multiple people that match the given information. Click on the matching profiles and find out his data of your interest.

2.2. What supreme features does it offer?

CocoFinder provides relevant information on the target, not just by his email address. But if you have his name, phone number, or even his address, you can gather his public information.

  • Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup service provides the identity of a target person who owns the phone number. It also shows the address and residence of the target person, including his past and current addresses. It finds out the affective relatives of the target person and also shows his phone numbers. The gathered data includes email addresses, criminal background, and social media accounts of the target.

  • Address Lookup

The address lookup of CocoFinder gives data of the target through his home address. It provides information, including old and new tenants' background data and identity. The information includes identity, name, age, criminal background, civil court record, and sex-offending history of target.

The data related to the property also appears, which includes the year in which the house was built, local area code, market value, and legal description.

  • People Search

CocoFinder searches the target's public information through his full name and state. The data then gathered includes the target's full identity, age, date of birth, traffic records, and current residence. The gathered information also includes social media accounts, phone numbers, criminal records, and background details. Business details and financial dues of the target are also included in the gathered data. What's more, you can find someone only through the number.

2.3 CocoFinder - An Uppermost Reverse Lookup Service

Besides providing information through many resources such as Name, phone number, email address, and home address, CocoFinder has many benefits too.

  • Huge Database

As the software is connected with multiple national and international databases and public search engines, it gathers information through them. Hence, it displays factual information and thousands of relevant profiles that match the given data. This is due to its maximum links with databases, which helps it to provide authentic data. 

  • No Data Tracking

Other applications provide wrong data and then track the target and user through the provided information. CocoFinder provides factual information and does not even track data. It also does not save the target's data on online servers. Even CocoFinder's employees are not allowed to access the target data.

  • Genuine Service

CocoFinder offers genuine data and does not provide wrong or made-up information. Many other apps give fake information related to their background and create misunderstandings. But CocoFinder provides authentic data and makes sure to give information from reliable sources. 

  • Convenient Interface

The application has a convenient and handy interface accessed and used by any user. It does not have complexities, hidden procedures, or complications. CocoFinder has an easy-to-operate console that does not require any professional knowledge. It only needs the name, phone number, email address, or home address to initiate searching.

Part 3: Alternative Methods to Find Someone

Besides finding someone through reverse email lookup, there are alternative methods as well to find someone through their email.

3.1. Free Reverse Email Search Engines

There are free reverse email search engines that are just built to find someone through their Email address. These are connected with multiple search engines, social networking sites, and deep web. These search engines require the email address of the target and pull-off their publically available data. They gather information through various public searches and databases.

Apart from the identity of the target, the user can find out his social media accounts, phone numbers, location history, and marital status of the target.

3.2 Research the Domain Name on the Email Address

The user can also find out the target's information by searching the domain name on the email address. It helps to find out the host of the email address. For example: if the email address is, then the domain name would be

3.3. Check Social Media Platforms

Apart from all these approaches, one can also find the identity of email senders by social media sites. They have a search button that can be used to look upon any anonymous email sender. When the email is typed on the search bar, it finds out the maximum information of the email sender, such as his pictures, friends, full identity, and education.


This article has concluded CocoFinder's working to find out a person's identity, age, educational information, phone numbers, and social media accounts. The article has also shown how to set this application in order to find relevant information. There are many ways, such as search by name, phone number, address lookup, and email address lookup.

There are other legal approaches as well, which include Email search engines, researching the domain name, and checking identity through social media platforms. With CocoFinder, one can use free reverse email lookup with free results and validity.

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