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(Photo : Youtube/IGN) Skyrim walkthrough The Only Cure quest

The game "Skyrim" is filled with Daedric Artifacts, and out of all of them, the Spellbreaker is the one that is worth getting.

The Spellbreaker is a reward for completing the quest The Only Cure. It is unique, has a great armor rating for a Dwarven Shield and it can cast a Ward spell when blocking, allowing it to negate the effects of spells, Shouts and blocking damage.

'Skyrim' The Only Cure Quest Walkthrough

So how should you start and finish The Only Cure quest and retrieve the reward:

Talk To Kesh

To start the quest, you need to reach at least level 10 to find Kesh at the Shrien to Peryite that is located the dragon shrine northeast of Markarth, according to IGN.

The quest can be triggered by encountering a radiant Afflicted NPC, which will direct you to find Kesh too. After talking to Kesh the Clean, you will be directed to find certain ingredients for Kesh, they are a Silver Ingot, a Deathbell Flower, a Flawless Ruby and a Vampire Dust.

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Find The Necessary Ingredients

You can get Deathbell Flowers by delivering Farengar's Frost Salts to Arcadia in Whiterun. You can get Vampire Dust by defeating any vampire enemy. Silver Ingots may be difficult to track down but you can spot them from Smiths or general vendors as they sell them from time to time.

Flawless Rubies are difficult to find at low levels. You can increase your chances of finding a Flawless Ruby in chests by finishing the No Stone Unturned quest, which will grant you a buff that will increase your chance to find any gemstones.

Kill Orchendor

After you return to Kesh with the necessary ingredients, Peryite will appear and will claim Orchendor failed him and that you need to kill and replace him as Champion. Once the dialogue is done, you need to travel to Dwemer ruin Bthardamz where Orchendor is with dozens of Afflicted.

Orchendor is immune to spells, he can teleport around the battlefield and he is joined by numerous Dwemer automations, including a Centurion.

The best way to approach this battle is to keep your distance, use a bow or crossbow since you should be able to land at least one sneak attack on Orchendor before he decides to teleport around the battlefield. Once Orchendor is defeated, loot his corpse and take the key to Bthardamz elevator.

Return To Peryite

As soon as you return to the Shrine to Peryite, inhale the fumes again so you can talk to the Daedric Prince, where you will have to have a conversation with them congratulating your ability to kill people who were on their way to a long and painful death before The Only Cure quest is completed, according to Game Pressure.

Once the conversation is over, you will be given the Spellbreaker as a reward, a shield with a base armor rating of 38, which is higher than a Dragonplate Shield or a Daedric Shield. Once you have the shield, there is no reason for you to use any other shield throughout the game, expect if you want to use a shield with a unique effect like Auriel's Shield or the Targe of the Blooded.

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