'Civ 6' First Look, Lady Tru Leader Vietnam: Nine Dragon River Delta ability
(Photo : Screenshot From Sid Meier's Civilization Official YouTube Channel) 'Civ 6' First Look, Lady Tru Leader Vietnam: Nine Dragon River Delta ability

"Civilization" is looking towards Asia and adding a really interesting character to "Civilization 6". Firaxis has recently dropped a deep dive video that revealed Vietnam coming to "Civilization 6". Vietnam, which is already part of the upcoming New Frontier Pass that is due on January 28 will be led by Bà Triệu who also goes by many names like Triệu Thị Trinh or Lady Triệu or more modernly known as Lady Tru.

'Civilization 6' Vietnam leak

According to an article by Eurogamer, Lady Tru "Civilization 6" fought against the occupation of Vietnam's north by the Wu Kingdom some time during the early 200 AD. Vietnam's new unique ability is said to be called the Nine Dragon River Delta. This makes land speciality districts only buildable within rainforests, woods, or marsh tiles. Buildings on the tiles will receive maybe additional space, culture, or production. The particular ability also allows the woods to be planted along with a sort of Medieval Faires civic. 

Bà Triệu's unique ability is to be able to Drive Out the Aggressor which is pretty self-explanatory but basically, it provides additional strength for units fighting within the rainforest, wood, or marsh tiles. This particular bonus is also increased further for the tiles that are owned by Vietnam. When returning to rainforests, woods, or marshes, units will be getting additional movement. This is also furthered for their owned tiles.

Vietnam is known to have quite a unique medieval era unit that attacks in range called the Voi Chien. This unit is capable of moving while it is attacking. However, it is a little more expensive compared to the crossbowman that it replaces. The good side is that it is stronger when it is defending as well as having greater sight.

Thanh, Vietnam's unique district responsible for granting additional culture for every adjacent district is also important. Once the flight is researched, the district will start to generate tourism quite equal to the culture output. This won't require a population and is also very cheap to build compared to the encampment district that it replaces.

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New Civs in 'Civilization 6'

Vietnam seems like a relatively flexible civ that is really terrain-focused. This can shoot for either culture or science, depending on how the player places the districts. Firaxis' suggestion is to construct buildings as quickly as possible in order to get the extra yields. This is also good to avoid desert, but still don't be afraid of simply settling in the open plains or the grasslands since Vietnam can plant woods really early. Rainforests, however, can't be planted so players should rethink before chopping them down.

Rainforest, woods, and marsh tiles that are owned by Vietnam even offer the civ some significant tactical benefits. This then turns Vietnam into sort of "a defensive powerhouse" according to Firaxis. However, if players can choose their battle strategically, these particular tiles will also allow Vietnam in order to render some of the crippling offensive attacks. Check out the trailer on Sid Meier's Civilization YouTube channel.

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