Rumors of Apple working on a smartwatch has been circulating for quite some time and it seems it will continue to do so at least a little while longer. According to a new report, the Cupertino-based technology giant won't be releasing the device anytime soon as it's having a slight problem with the device's battery, which apaprently is delivering unsatisfactory performance because of issues with the display.

According to a report by The Information, to combat this problem, Apple is contemplating on the idea of switching the display technology to something else. Though it is not certain if this will be done or if the company will find a workaround to the issue. Furthermore, the report also claims that Apple called off production of iWatch components with a single supplier back in 2013, which could be a sign that we might have to wait a long time before this rumored smartwatch is announced. Still, this might not be a problem since The Information editor-in-chief Jessica Lessin claims that this detail may not be significant.

The Information is also saying that Apple has a sizeable enough team working on the iWatch in hopes to eventually bring it to market. That team may very well include ex-Nike product design director, Ben Shaffer. This man played a large role in the development of Nike's Fuelband. Apple has also hired a number of wearable and fitness experts, but despite having all that talent at its disposal, Apple is still facing problems with the iWatch.

Back in 2013, the often reliable Bloomberg claimed that Apple was on the verge of releasing its iWatch by the end of the year, but that did not materialize. It is obvious that Apple is facing some problems with releasing the device, though we have no idea that those problems could specifically be, assuming that the smartwatch is indeed in development.

Apple has a lot of work cut out if it wants to bring the iWatch to the market as several competing products are already available. The most prominent ones are the Galaxy Gear from Samsung, Sony's Smartwatch and the recently launched Pebble Steel.

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