WizKids, a well-known miniature company is reportedly teaming up now with Critical Role, an American Web series that feature a group of voice actors that play the famous role-playing game "Dungeons and Dragons". As TechRaptor reports, it is known that the partnership will finally bring to life the world and characters of Exandria, as miniatures.

WizKids Teams Up with Critical Role for new 'Dungeons and Dragons' Miniature Launch: Release Date, Preorder, Price, and MORE
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WizKids has been known for producing impressive and highly-detailed miniatures for the game "Dungeons and Dragons." According to GameSpot, it will be coming in the first quarter of 2021. Critical Role fanatics will be seeing PCs and monsters straight out from the series into a collectible physical form. You can utilize these if you have your own battlefield for "Dungeons and Dragons". One popular character would be the Critical Role game master which is Matthew Mercer's "gargantuan" sized Udaak.  Just like other miniature collections from WizKids' minis the coming "Dungeons and Dragons" miniatures will be prepainted.

Cast member and chief creative officer Matthew Mercer said in an interview via GameSpot his sentiments about the new coming launch of the miniature collections. "I've been a rabid collector of WizKids' minis for... well, a very long time, and to be able to work directly with them to bring the denizens and dangers of Exandria to life for everyone to use is beyond exciting.", he said.

"They bring such skill and expertise to their work, and this upcoming collection really captures the characters and atmosphere of Exandria. I think fans of Critical Role, as well as players new to our world, will greatly enjoy this opportunity for deeper play, collaboration, and imagination.", he added.

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WizKids x Critical Role Miniature Release Date, How to Preorder

The release date will be in spring, where the first six boxes containing sets of highly-detailed and premium painted miniatures will be out for release in the local gaming market. You can also preorder them directly from WizKids now through their official website

Available Items for WizKids x Critical Role Miniature Collab

Monsters of Wildemount Set I

Price: $60

Characters: Core Spawn Crawler, Core Spawn Emissary, Core Spawn Seer, Husk Zombie, Shadowghast, Aeorian Absorber, Aeorian Nullifier, Aeorian Reverser, and Nergalid.

Monsters of Wildemount Set II 

Price: $60

Characters:  Sahuagin Warlock of Uk'otoa, Sea Fury, Gearkeeper Construct, Gloomstalker, Merrow Shallowpriest, Moorbounder, and Swavain Basilisk.

Monsters of Wildemount Udaak premium figure 

Price: $80

Characters: Gargantuan

Factions of Wildemount: Dwendalian Empire 

Price: $50

Characters:  Volstrucker Agent, Ravenite Dragonborn, Dwendalian Aristocrat, Dwendalian Farmer, Dwendalian Crownsguard, Righteous Brand Soldier, Hills of Pride's Call Farmer, and Pumat Sol.

Factions of Wildemount: Kryn Dynasty & Xhorhas 

Price: $50

Characters:  Lotusden Halfling, Dark Elf Rogue, Echo Knight, Echo, Trader of Kryn, Kryn Noble, Graviturgy Wizard, Chronurgy Wizard, and Dunamancy Wizard.

Factions of Wildemount: Clovis Concord & Menagerie Coast Price: $50

Characters:  The Hollow One, Fisherman of Clovis, Clovis Noble, Clovis Concord Zhelezo, Shore Warden Soldier, The Grinner, Blood Hunter, and Pallid Elf.

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