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Trucking is the backbone of numerous industries throughout North America. At the same time, a motor vehicle accident can happen at any time. A motor vehicle accident involving a typical sedan is already dangerous enough. When the accident involves a truck, the stakes are even higher. According to a recent blog post, “When trucking accidents happen, there is no doubt that truck accidents (including big rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor trailer, commercial vehicles) often cause very serious injuries to those involved, and in some instances, results in fatalities.” Fortunately, there are numerous technological advances that have been made when it comes to trucks. These features might be able to prevent serious fatalities from happening.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

One of the biggest risks of driving a truck is that it is impossible to see what is going on behind the vehicle. Because there is a trailer being pulled behind the cab, this obstructs anything that would otherwise be spotted by the review mirror. Fortunately, there are now advanced safety features that provide rear cross-traffic alerts for those who are operating trucks.

This type of alert is important because it protects not only vehicles but also pedestrians. Particularly if a truck is getting ready to backup, a simple beep is not enough. It would be nice if the driver could see what is going on behind the vehicle. With traffic alert features, it is possible for truck drivers to stop before they end up hitting someone or something that is crossing behind them. All truck drivers should invest in this traffic alert feature.

Lane Departure Assist Warnings

There are few events carrier on the road than a truck that appears to be leaving its lane. If a truck begins to drift, it might trap other vehicles in the way, potentially crushing them. Sometimes, the driver might get distracted and might not even realize that he or she is leaving his or her land. That is where lane departure assist warnings are important.

This is a feature that will allow truck drivers to be alerted if they are starting to drift slightly. Furthermore, some advanced features might be able to quickly correct the truck, keeping it in its lane. This type of feature can prevent a serious accident from taking place.

Adaptive Braking Features for Trucks

Also called brake assist, this is a feature that allows trucks to stop short in the event of an emergency. Because trucks are so heavy, it can take a long time for them to come to a complete stop. If they are approaching an accident, an intersection, or a construction site, it might be too late by the time the truck actually comes to a stop. With adaptive braking features, it is possible for trucks to stop faster. That way, they might be able to avoid a potentially serious accident. Truck drivers should explore the possibility of using adaptive braking to prevent collisions from happening in the roadway. This type of feature might protect pedestrians as well.

Invest in the Latest Safety Features

These are just a few of the most advanced safety features that truck drivers should consider. It is critical for everyone to place safety first when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. This is even more important when trucks are involved. Due to the sheer size of tractor-trailers, it is possible for even minor truck accidents to result in serious injuries. These safety features may be able to prevent serious injuries, fatalities, and countless dollars in property damage.

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