TikTok has recently been giving its users a headache with several videos freezing in the application while playing, now perceived as a glitching issue or bug by its users. Luckily, no one needs to suffer these issues and glitching problems as a fix have been found and only needs simple steps to ensure that the application would not freeze video.

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The popular short video streaming application, TikTok, has been glitching over the past days, and have been a real pain for users who simply wish to watch videos or enjoy the social networking app. The issue was not addressed by TikTok or its developers, as no fixes were issued or official announcement for a bug update for the application.

TikTok Users are Complaining over Twitter

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The TikTok logo is displayed outside a TikTok office on August 27, 2020 in Culver City, California.

Several TikTok users have been complaining on Twitter, saying that the issue is persistent and continues to freeze their videos with the suspected bug and glitch.


TikTok and ByteDance are facing several complaints about the application that freezes in the middle of watching a video or glitching as streaming the clips from their subscriptions or discover tabs. Despite the glitching issues, TikTok's servers are not down and remain active, as some perceived it, but it is indeed an issue that needs fixing immediately.

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How to Stop and Fix TikTok Videos and App from Glitching and Freezing

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According to Game Revolution, there are several ways to fix the issue as of the moment, without the need to wait for the fix from its developing company, ByteDance. While this fix may be the most basic, it can somehow ensure users finish and reload the video, soon avoiding the annoying bugs that plagued the application.

TikTok Glitching Fix #1

Skip the video that has stopped or glitched, and move over to the next video on the lineup or queue. After doing so, go back to the video that was skipped and rewatch to finish the clip. This method is like refreshing a video website, which does not actually have a "refresh" button.

Other TikTok Glitch Fixes

  • Relaunch the Application - Another way to "refresh" the application is to close it, remove the app from your recent apps, and open it again.
  • Clear Cache - Go to your settings and look for the TikTok application or storage. Clear its cache and data to ensure that the application is not crowded over junk files and other unnecessary ones.
  • Reboot Phone - While this fix is the most basic answer to all, it can also provide some assistance on the annoying glitch that is happening on TikTok these days.
  • Update - To ensure that no issues ensue, download the latest updates from the application store on either Apple or Google.
  • Re-install the Application - If the "refresh" or update process does not work, it is time to uninstall and install the application again on your smartphone.

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