Curve Bullets with Nerf's New Blaster Shoots Like in Wanted Starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy
(Photo : Screenshot From BuffdaddyNerf YouTube) Curve Bullets with Nerf's New Blaster Shoots Like in Wanted Starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy

Nerf has now got a new trick up its blasting sleeves as Hasbro's latest popular foam-shooting sidearms can now curve their shots. This would allow users to possibly hit certain targets despite them not being able to see it. This is something like what is seen in the movie Wanted starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy but this time, with bouncy balls instead of actual bullets.

Nerf's New Blasters Can Now Curve Foam Bullets

This is now possible due to Nerf's new three Rival Curve blasters all having adjustable barrels that users can twist in order to change the actual angle of their shots. Users have the option to shoot left, right, or even shoot around the corners instead of just aiming but now adjusting their shots.

According to an article by The Verge, this could still be a skeptical promotion since the MythBusters had already proved that bullets can't be bent in real life about a decade ago. However, users can still try to use their curve toy projectiles like the said foam balls. In fact, certain companies just like Hasbro have already reportedly been doing this for about years in order to increase both accuracy and range.

Hasbro 'Hop-up' and Magnus Effect

When Hasbro officially first introduced its new Rival lineup back in 2015, it had actually borrowed a certain feature that was popularized in other airsoft guns. This is called a "hop-up" which is a nub that puts a certain backspin on the ball while it leaves the barrel chamber which would make it float in the air. In science, this is known as the Magnus effect.

Normally, the actual hop-up is designed in order to make a ball hop up but the Nerf community has also long known that users can simply twist a certain hop-up in order to curve their shots as well. An official demonstration was posted by Out of Darts back in 2016 which showed how this is possible (skip to 2:40).

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How to curve a Nerf bullet

Now, that particularly twistable hop-up is officially coming to Nerf blasters which can be bought for only between $15 up to $30. This would include a single-shot pistol that is known as the Flex. This is a neat blaster with bolt-action and a 12-round internal magazine that is called the Sideswipe. There is also another 20-round pump-action, hopper-fed blaster that is called the Helix, which is known to have a genuine lip over on its own pump grip in order to keep users' hands from sliding off. This is something extremely rare in the Nerf world.

It is important to know that users will be sacrificing some range in order to achieve this curve. An early video by BuffdaddyNerf on YouTube shows how the bullet may be curved slightly with a simple adjustment made to the Nerf gun. Wanted in real life?

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