"Hitman 3" is one of those games where you need to use both your eyes and ears to solve certain puzzles, such as opening locked doors, safe and keypads scattered throughout the game. While some of the codes are given to you, you need to have good attention to detail to gather most of the codes--and sometimes, it can get you stuck.

Hitman 3 codes guide
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There are several locked doors and safe you need to open in "Hitman 3," so here are the codes.

'Hitman 3' Guide to Every Code You Need

So, if you need help with getting those "Hitman 3" codes for smoother gameplay, here's a little guide for you as well as the locations of the doors and safe.


The first place you'll end up as you return to Agent 47's world is Dubai, one of the most luxurious places in the world, complete with incredibly tall skyscrapers that you'd be able to see the clouds from the windows.

There are several doors and safe codes scattered throughout Dubai's three "Hitman 3" Mission Stories, but the good thing is many of them have repeated codes, as per GameSpot.

Here are the codes to open various doors and safe in Dubai:

  • Staff meeting room: 4706
  • Atrium door code: 4706
  • Level 2 security office safe: 6927
  • Level 3 security office safe: 6927
  • Penthouse guest room safe: 7465


During your Dartmoor Mission Story entitled "Means, Motive, and Opportunity," Agent 47 will be led directly to the case file objective, but there's another way to gain access to it: by sneaking into Alexa's office and getting the case from her safe.

If you get in, here's the code to her safe: 1975

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As with Dubai, there are several locked doors located in Chongqing, but the good thing is there are only two codes: 0118 and 2552. You can try opening the doors with these codes and only get two tries before you can open it, but if you don't want to waste your time, here are the codes:

  • Container door to ICA Facility entrance code: 0118
  • ICA apartment: 0118
  • Laundromat: 0118
  • Benchmark lab staircase: 2552
  • Therapy room: 2552
  • Arcade door: 2552


Next on the list of "Hitman 3" locations is Berlin, which has a single safe that you can open, found on the second level of Rolf Hirschmuller's office in the biker area. A clue to the safe combination is given if you listen to what the thieving tech staffer is saying outside the office.

But if you're stuck, the safe combination is 1989, which is the year the Berlin Wall fell.

Carpathian Mountains

You don't really need a guide to the door code in the Carpathian Mountains since it's written on the wall to your left. You'll encounter the locked door not long after you start the mission.

However, for the sake of this "Hitman 3" guide, the keypad code is: 1979


There are only two codes you need in Mendoza, one for each "Hitman 2" challenges available in the location, namely "To Loyalty," and "Domestic Disturbance." With that, here are the two codes you need to complete the challenges:

  • Wine fridge vault: 1945
  • Villa basement: 2006

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