"Hitman 3" has finally been released, meaning the conclusion of IO Interactive's "World of Assassination" trilogy is coming to an end soon.

Hitman 3 beginner's guide
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Here are some helpful tips for "Hitman 3" newbies.

But if you just stumbled upon the game, you don't necessarily have to play "Hitman" or "Hitman 2" first as the third installment is a good entry point to the franchise just like its predecessors.

So, if you're not familiar with the game--or even if you are--here are some essential tips and tricks for beginners, starting from the basics to the best weapons and gears you can use in the game.

How to Gather Intel

Most of your "Hitman 3" journey will require gathering intel so you can unlock new challenges and solve some puzzles, such as opening doors and vaults. To gather information, you simply just have to roam around a level, since NPCs would repeat the same behaviors for the sake of the players.

For example, you can acquire information from a certain guard in Dubai, including the code for the safe and the evacuation procedure of the building. But he won't make the call until Agent 47 is near.

So, if it's your first time on a certain level, roam around and find some weapons and tools that you can use, check certain items that you can use to unlock some areas, such as keys and disguises, and listen to what everyone is saying.

IO Encourages You to Reload Saves!

Save-scumming is highly-encouraged in "Hitman 3" which is probably why IO added eight additional save slots for manual saving. You can save anytime at any point (only except when you're in the middle of combat).

For those who are not aware, save-scumming refers to reloading a save point anytime something bad happens. By reloading, you can try anything you want that you are unsure of. If your plan doesn't work the way you want it to, simply reload and try something new again. You might unlock something along the way.

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Unlocking New Challenges

Besides trying out new things, you can also use save-scumming to unlock new "Hitman 3" challenges.

According to Polygon, almost every level of the game has the same set of five Assassination challenges: headshot, garrote, a lethal poison, drowning, and accidental. Once you complete all five challenges, you can unlock the "Versatile Assassin" challenge.

The best way to do this is to use an emetic poison on your target, as this would almost always cause them to go to the nearest bathroom. Before you enter the bathroom to finish them off, make sure you save, then go in and drown them on the toilet (apparently, this counts as finishing two challenges as any drowning is considered accidental in the game). Then reload, and finish with a headshot or garrote kill.

Basically, reloading your savepoint does not erase any of the challenges you've completed, so you can reload as many times you want to complete everything.

Try Mission Stories First

"Hitman 3" has Mission Stories for almost every level. If you're a first-time "Hitman" player, you can most definitely use these side missions to familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics and how to complete challenges.

Completing more of these Mission Stories may also help you unlock assassination opportunities along the way.

Use 47's Instinct Vision Whenever Possible

Agent 47's Instinct Vision turns everything into grey. But besides that, you can get hints about a certain area. For example, targets would be highlighted in red, while NPCs would be highlighted in white.

In "Hitman 3," NPCs will have a status icon above their heads that would determine whether they are incapacitated (animated circle of little dots) or if they can see through 47's disguise (large white dot).

There will be areas that will be highlighted in yellow once you use Instinct Vision. This means you can use the "blend" mode in that certain area, which means you can dress like an NPC with a certain type of job and position. In this mode, NPCs that would normally see through your disguise will have an outline of white circles above their head.

Moreover, anything that 47 can pick up or interact with will be highlighted in yellow. You can also see the options of what 47 can do when near these objects during Instinct mode. So, if you're having a hard time finding something, make sure you use your Instinct.

Beware of the Exclamation Points

If you can interact with something, the options of what you can do will appear in white text. But beware of the exclamation points in a red box: performing the prompt will cause you to get spotted, but you can sometimes get away with it, such as spiking drinks or food if you're dressed as a waiter.

Best Gears, Weapons, and Items

With games like "Hitman 3," you need to know which items to pick, weapons to choose, and gears to use. Some of the items you pick up would be universally useful throughout the game, so once you see them, make sure you pick them up.

Here's the list of best items, gears, and weapons so far:

  • Emetic poison - One of the must-haves of any assassin is rat poison, which you can find in storage rooms and such kinds of places. Emetic poison is non-lethal, but it induces vomiting, allowing you to single out a target and taking them out in the nearest toilet.
  • Crowbar - The next best thing from lockpicks, crowbars can break locks--or anything else, for that matter. However, it does make a loud sound, so you don't want to break something near an NPC.
  • Coins - Coins can help distract NCPs, allowing you to take them down or sneak past them. And yes, you can toss them ANYWHERE, including areas that won't normally make a sound.
  • Screwdriver - Screwdriver can help tamper objects, but it's also a lethal melee weapon.
  • Wrench - Wrenches in "Hitman 3" practically work like wrenches in real life, but Agent 47 typically uses it to create leaks on an oil drum or a motorcycle.
  • Lethal poison - A lethal poison is hard to find, so once you see one, make sure you grab it. It can take down a target silently and will be used to unlock the "Tasteless, Traceless" Assassination challenge.
  • Silenced weapon - As an assassin, it's always best to have a silent weapon at your disposal to avoid alerting bodyguards or nearby NPCs. Among the most powerful choices in the game are ICA19 models, Hackl 9S Covert, or the "covert" power guns like the Enram HV shotgun or the Dak X2 submachine gun.

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