The first release of Tesla is the popular Roadster which is the foundation of all its electric vehicles, now confirming its revival and new technology from CEO Elon Musk, with a 2022 target date for production. Musk has previously revealed that the new Tesla Roadster would come out by 2021, but there were no news or updates from the company.

Tesla Roadster
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The famous electric vehicle manufacturer and clean energy company, Tesla, has confirmed the production timeline of its take on a fully-electric sports car to match against releases from Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, etc. The clean energy company was the proponent that revived and popularized electric vehicles in the modern days, showing the "tasteful" side to it.

Initially, electric vehicles became a joke or a focus to gag about, and not taking it seriously, even on Hollywood pop culture. People also threw jabs against electric vehicles, saying that it could never replace the performance of internal combustion engines; however, later in the 2010s decade, EV popularity grew and 2020 brought out its max potential.

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2022 Tesla Roadster Confirms Production Schedule

Tesla Roadster
(Photo : Tesla )
Tesla Roadster

2008 released Tesla Roadster was one of the first electric vehicles that successfully gave the world an idea or thought that EVs can also bring flair and performance despite running on batteries. The old Roadster gave an adequate 244 miles of range with a 0 to 60 miles per hour performance of fewer than four seconds, which is impressive at the time.

According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk (@elonmusk), the 2021-promised Roadster is finishing up on the "engineering" side of its development and processes now and is optimistic for a working prototype by late summer. Moreover, Musk gave the vehicle a production schedule that would start with no exact date next year, 2022.


The tech CEO has already posted a timeline of the latest Tesla Roadster's production on his Twitter account, which means that it would be another long and grueling wait for fans of the 2-door roadster from the company. The Tesla Roadster lines itself up with popular "roadsters" in the past, 2-door mid-engine coupes including BMW Z3, Mazda Miata, Porsche Boxster, etc.

2022 Tesla Roadster: Tri-Motor Drivetrain and Advanced Battery Like Model S Plaid

Additionally, Elon Musk mentioned that working on the vehicle had "important precursors" including the tri-motor drivetrain and an advanced battery work that would soon be fitted in 2022's Tesla Roadster. These car specs sound familiar because they were used with the recently released Tesla Model S Plaid and Plaid+ variants this year.

The Model S Plaids run on the "Palladium" battery cells that is a special production and research by the company that would give the electric vehicle more power, and at the same time increase its range. Not only that, the new Tri-Motor drivetrain is a feature that is unique to the Model S Plaid releases, and would soon be evident on the 2022 Tesla Roadster.

Musk has not yet confirmed if the new Tesla Roadster would have the same Palladium battery, but he already mentioned the tri-motor drivetrain from the Plaid.

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