Elon Musk is the hot talk of the town and a guest speaker for Clubhouse, after his Reddit stock market tweets that involved one of the top growers of 2021, GameStop, and popular stock trading application, Robinhood. Clubhouse is a highly-valued application that features a unique way of joining social media with an invite-only method of participation.

Elon Musk interview question to spot a liar
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Elon Musk reveals one question he asks to spot a liar.

The world's richest man and multi-tech CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, has officially been invited to the audio-only social media application called "Clubhouse" where the exclusive audience would listen to its hosts. Elon Musk is one of the top executives and celebrities of 2021, which makes him an honorable invitee for exclusive applications such as this.

The secret society of Clubhouse raises the mystery of its existence and what the people inside or who are part of the application are doing. Moreover, Elon Musk's recent tweets that involve insider trading with GameStop and Robinhood, including all the massive increases and controversies, further increased his reputation to be the trends of 2021.

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Elon Musk Gets Invite at Clubhouse as Guest Speaker

Clubhouse Social Media Makes a New Payment Plan for Content Creators, Raised Funds
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The new social media hype app Clubhouse icon.

According to the technology CEO's latest update tweet (@elonmusk), he was invited to join the "Good Time" talk show in the Clubhouse application, joining Sriram Krishnan, Marc Andreessen, Steven Sinofsky, etc. This episode of the web podcast would be a special edition.

Limited details were released by Elon Musk, regarding his talk show guesting for Good Time in the Clubhouse application, but speculations that were raised points to recent Tesla ventures, his life as a businessman, etc. Moreover, people's expectations would tackle the recent emergence of stock trading which Musk has boosted the buzz via his tweets.

Elon Musk would be guesting on Good Time this Sunday at 10 PM Pacific Time (1:00 AM Eastern Time), which he mentions as "LA Time," suggesting that the CEO would be in California for the weekend.

What is Clubhouse? How to Get an Invite?

What is Clubhouse Social Media and Why is it Famous Among Celebrities?
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Clubhouse is an exclusive social media application in which users need to earn their way in, or another option is to be invited to join the application from current users in the platform. It is not much of the speculated "secret society" as they only require a different method of users joining their platform, and it is by doing certain tasks like letting one's self be known.

Users need only to showcase themselves via the #Clubhouse on social media, for other Clubhouse users to notice one's profile and be given an invite. The company also relayed that the application is still on limited availability which is why it is still an exclusive platform, but anyone can join and sign-up for the waitlist to enter the social media.

According to Good Housekeeping, Clubhouse resembles LinkedIn for live audio, which creates a network of users in private or public rooms where they can interact as speakers and listeners.

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