'Resident Evil Village' Vampire Lady's Height Revealed by Game Art Director Saying She's Even Taller Than the Tallest Human
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Dead Xed) 'Resident Evil Village' vampire lady's height seems the most towering height in the scene with her three daughters.

The debate about "Resident Evil Village" vampire lady's height has now been closed. Fans were shocked after knowing that Lady Dimitrescu is even taller than Robert Wadlow, the tallest confirmed human to have ever lived.

Revelation about the 'Resident Evil Village' Vampire Lady's Height

You just could not easily blame the internet for growing curious and wild at the same time in thinking about the vampire lady's height in one of the most awaited horror game series. The fans only recognized her as an antagonist, who is a mother of three beautiful, 'blood-sucking' daughters. If it did not send you some goosebumps, the next revelation will trigger a hair-raising scene.

Polygon reported that 'Resident Evil Village' game art director Tomonori Takano confirmed the real height of the mysterious, 'busty' vampire.

"I hear her height is something of interest..." he writes, which is certainly true. "If you include her hat and high heels, she's 2.9m (approximately 9'6") tall," Tomonori shared to the fans.

Previously, many people made wise guesses about Lady Dimitrescu's height, but no one has come close to her actual stature. One of the most popular theories was from Ash Parrish, a Kotaku journalist. Her guess, however, was 8 feet, which was far from the vampire lady's billed height.

Parrish was really confident that she will land the right number for the "Village" mystery. In her 'Odds and Ends' article entitled "I Figured Out How Tall The Sexy Resident Evil Lady Is Because Of Course I Did," the ornate chair inside the wine cellar was the first one that she observed. At that time, she was finding an analogy for the antique chair.

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While the staff writer from Kotaku admitted that she has not played "Resident Evil" before, she assumed that the house was constructed in the 15th century. Upon analyzing it even deeper, she googled the height of the 15th century-door and the head's average length to end up with her conclusion of 8 feet. Maybe because Lady Dimitrescu's shoulders almost matched the height of the top of the door.

To better understand how tall Lady Dimitrescu is, The Verge's Jay Peters noted some references which might help the fans to visualize her true height.

  1. Lady Dimitrescu could tower over an ostrich. As confirmed by the African Wildlife Foundation, the ostrich could grow up to 9 feet.

  2. She could appear like a herdswoman when walking with a group of African elephants, which have an average height of 8.2 feet to 13 feet, as per Charity Elephants for Africa

  3. Robert Wadlow, the world's tallest man who lived, stands at 8 feet and 11 inches. Lady Dimitrescu will have no problem dunking over him in 1-on-1 basketball.

  4. The Kodiak bears, one of the largest bears that still live today, are taller than the vampire lady. While the bears can exceed 10 feet in height, Lady Dimitrescu's hat can still touch the chin of the animals.

Memes and Fan Theory About Lady Dimitrescu

As soon as Lady Dimitrescu's height was revealed, fans already made rounds of memes about her. Here are some of the memes that fans created for the 'huge' vampire lady:

Still, it remains a mystery whether the three women accompanying Dimitrescu are her 'real' daughters. One Reddit commenter said that they could be possibly not her daughters. He added that it could be some girls who are 'brainwashed' to be her slaves since Dimitrescu could be practicing evil incantations.

The clock is winding down and there are three more months before we unveil the whole details of the "Resident Evil Village" on May 7.

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