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Short People Have Higher Risk Of Dying In The ICU

Researchers found a link between a patient's height and the chances of survival in the ICU. They found that short patients who are critically ill are more likely to die during treatment.

Public Health December 27, 2018

Tall People More Likely To Get Cancer, Says Study

An American research that looked at more than 10,000 cancer cases linked a person's height to the risk of getting the disease. Tall women are also more likely to get cancer than tall men.

Public Health October 26, 2018

Tall People More Likely To Develop Varicose Veins: Stanford Study

A new study found a link between height and a higher risk of getting varicose veins. Scientists said that this is the largest study conducted on the disease, with over 400,000 data analyzed.

Public Health September 27, 2018

Tall Men At Higher Risk Of Death From Prostate Cancer: Study

Prostate cancer is the second leading type of cancer among men. Now, researchers have found that taller men and heavier men are more at risk of being diagnosed with high-grade prostate cancer and of death from prostate cancer.

Public Health July 14, 2017

Scientists Discover 83 New Gene Variants Affecting Your Height

A new international study has found 83 new genetic variations that control human height. Some of the enormous findings: certain variations influence adult height by over 2 centimeters or nearly 8/10 of an inch.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 2, 2017

Genes That Determine Height Influence Physical Attraction

Scientists found that physical attraction is influenced partly by genes that determine one’s height. So in the case of a tall guy hitting on a tall girl, genes could likely be held responsible as well.

Life January 24, 2016

Bigger And Taller Humans, Animals Have Shorter Lifespan Because Of DNA Changes

Taller animals, including humans, have shorter telomeres, a special DNA structure found at the tip of chromosomes. As the body increases in size, the telomeres erode, affecting the function of cells and tissues, leading to a short lifespan.

Life December 6, 2015

Does Size Matter? New Study Says Height And Body Mass Influence Number Of Mating Partners

Researchers at Chapman University in California discovered that taller males and those who belong to the upper-middle of the BMI scale are more likely to have more sexual partners compared to shorter and slightly lighter men.

Life October 5, 2015

Here’s What Your Height Tells About Your Cancer Risks

According to researchers from the Karolinska Institute, cancer risks increase with height in both men and women. The early results of their research was the the largest study undertaken on the link between height and cancer in both genders.

Life October 2, 2015

New Gene And BMI Study Says Tall People Are More Likely To Be Slim

Study claimed genetics control your height and body mass index. Tall people are genetically wired to be slim.

Life September 18, 2015

Shorter Women More Prone To Premature Births Says Study

Researchers found a direct link between short women and short pregnancies. Unknown genes affecting height contribute to the length of pregnancy. The shorter the expectant mother, the higher the risk is to preterm birth.

Life August 21, 2015

Want Taller, Smarter Kids? Genetic Diversity Is The Way To Go Says Study

Experts found that those who are born to parents whose genetic compositions are widely varied are more likely to grow taller and smarter than other kids. The researchers said their study findings highlights Darwin's theory that genetic diversity is beneficial.

Life July 2, 2015

Short People May Be At Greater Risk For Heart Disease, Study Finds

Our height, as determined by our genes, may also have a link to our risk of coronary artery disease, researchers find. Every 2.5 inches taller you are brings a 13.5 percent reduction in that risk, they suggest.

Life April 9, 2015

Scientists come closer to understanding genetics of height

Researchers found genes associated with skeletal growth and collagen to play a role in determining a person's height as well as genes that are not previously linked with a person's likelihood of becoming tall or short.

Life October 6, 2014

ADHD drugs not linked to stunted growth in children: Study

Some parents are concerned about giving stimulant medications to their children with ADHD for fear that these could stunt growth. New study finds no association between ADHD drugs and height in adulthood.

Life September 2, 2014

Women attracted to taller partners (but men don't care)

A new research found that a large percentage of women still want men who are taller than them albeit men don't care much about their partner's height.

Society February 12, 2014

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