Apple and Hyundai allegedly talked again to suggest new improvements in the iPhone manufacturer's first-ever electric vehicle. Rumors claimed that Hyundai Group affiliate Kia has coordinated with possible Japanese partners for their current EV project.

Hyundai Talks With Apple to Manufacture Its First EV in Georgia! Kia Expected to Produce 100,000 Units
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SAN LEANDRO, CA - APRIL 07: A sign with the Kia logo displayed at a Hyundai dealership on April 7, 2017 in San Leandro, California. South Korean automakers Kia and Hyundai announced that they are recalling 1.4 million cars and SUVs in the U.S., Canada and South Korea for a potential problem that causes engine failure or stalling. The recall includes 2013 and 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUVs as well as 2011 - 2014 Kia Optima, 2011 - 2013 Kia Sportage SUVs and 2012 - 2014 and Kia Sorento SUVs.

The collaborations are expected to lead to 100,000 units of Apple's upcoming electric car. According to Apple Insider's latest report, Apple is expected to attract multiple Japanese automakers for its EV.

The upcoming electric vehicle is also expected to be manufactured at Kia's West Point plant, which is located in the United States, Georgia.

"Kia Corp. has approached potential partners about a plan to assemble Apple Inc.'s long-awaited electric car in Georgia, according to people familiar with the matter," said Hyundai Group via MacRumors.

Apple car to have 100,000 units?

Hyundai Group explained that its proposal would involve a multibillion-dollar investment.

"Hyundai has talked to Apple about investing more than $3 billion in a deal that would see its subsidiary Kia begin building cars under the tech company's brand as soon as 2024," said the company.

Hyundai Talks With Apple to Manufacture Its First EV in Georgia! Kia Expected to Produce 100,000 Units
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LONDON - DECEMBER 27: People are seen behind the Apple logo in Apple's flagship London retail store on Regent Street on December 27, 2006 in London, England. With many stores open for the first time since Christmas Eve, bargain hunters are searching for the best buys as the post-Christmas sales get under way.

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Apple's partner manufacturer said that the agreement also states that around 100,000 electric vehicles are expected to be developed in the first year of Apple car's production in Georgia.

Six Japanese manufacturer partners are expected

On the other hand, Apple's discussions with Hyundai Group are expected to attract around six Japanese automakers oversupply partnerships, and manufacturing contributions. Right now, Honda and Mazda haven't released any confirmations yet if they are also approached by Apple regarding its electric vehicle project.

Nissan also declined to make a comment. Tatsuo Yoshida, a senior Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, explained giant Japanese automakers are usually busy with their own developments, sales, customer services, and manufacturings. However, Yoshida claimed that Nissan and Mitsubishi are not really busy right now, giving hint that they could be included in the possible manufacturer partners.

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