It was once a myth that an AirPod might be swallowed by a person by accident. This time, a man from the United States swallowed it in his sleep. The result? Let's find out.

What Happened to the Man

Since the incident, Bradford Gauthier warned everyone, especially those people who leave their AirPods when they sleep. The Worcester resident shared his experience on Facebook and began his narration when he went to Bed to chill through listening and playing songs. However, the next moment, he never knew what transpired, as it all happened of a sudden.

According to USA Today, Gauthier learned that upon waking up on Tuesday, Feb. 2, he experienced difficulty in sipping liquid. He first tested by taking small sips of water. The next thing that happened was that the water did not go down his throat, and he had to lean to drain the liquid he took.

When a strange scenario occurred, Gauthier went to check his AirPod earbuds and found out that one of them was missing. He admitted that he used to sleep with his AirPod earbuds.

Gauthier, who was from Connecticut, spoke that he was fond of sleeping with worn AirPods because he does not want to wake up his baby. He also wrote on his Facebook account that his family even told him that he could have swallowed them, but Gauthier only knew that it was just a family joke, but at the time, he was already feeling discomfort in the middle of his chest.

Meanwhile, his son had a hunch that his father might swallow the earbud. The results reflected when Gauthier's x-ray came out and the plastic earbuds were removed from his lower esophagus.

Here's one for the record books... I woke up this morning, felt fine, but when I tried to drink a glass of water it... Posted by Bradford Gauthier on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

"Sure enough I had an AirPod lodged in the lower part of my esophagus. I just had an emergency Endoscopy to get it removed," Gauthier posted on Facebook.

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Gauthier added that what he experienced was more severe than the normal discomfort that he used to feel. In an interview by NBC Boston 10, he warned the AirPod users to never sleep with their headphones as it might possibly happen to them also.

What Happened to the AirPod

According to Gizmodo, the $249-worth Apple AirPod earbuds survived after the surgery. When the AirPod was tested, it was reportedly working, although the microphone had shown signs of deformity.

It could be concluded that AirPod might be swallow-proof, but for Gauthier, the best solution is to head to YouTube to find out some ways to fix his AirPod, or if there is still a way to repair the misshapen mic. He is also considering another set of earbuds if repairs will not be enough.

Gauthier's story is a nightmare for the AirPod users to never use their earbuds when they are about to sleep, or else they could suffer the same fate with him.

Furthermore, in another story, a Taiwanese man swallowed an AirPod in 2019, which also happened during his sleep. The AirPod, however, was removed from the man's body when it passed through his digestive system. The AirPod has still worked, and it was found out to have a 41% battery charge.

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