Why Gold IRA Custodians are Becoming More Abundant
(Photo : Why Gold IRA Custodians are Becoming More Abundant)

While you are planning for retirement, you will be presented with many choices. Depending on what you select, your retirement portfolio will vary in performance. Nowadays, more and more people are working with custodians. These are particular companies that have relationships with bullion dealers. With their help, you can invest some of your retirement cons into the precious metals market. Plus, we forgot to mention you can avoid paying taxes. As long as you follow the rules, it's a great way for you to diversify your retirement accounts. That way, you can hedge against market downturns. Additionally, you'll benefit if the price of precious metals increases. For these reasons, custodians of gold have become increasingly popular. From our perspective, these trends are pretty obvious.

Why You Need a Gold Custodian

Of course, you'll want to know why you need one of these custodians. Since it is illegal for you to keep the gold, you'll have to leave it with a custodian. If you do not, you could get in trouble. As long as you work with a reputable company, you won't have anything to worry about. Additionally, you'll have to find a broker. Brokers are the institutions that will sell you the gold. On the other hand, you'll have to comply with the rules as well.

Gold IRA Rollover Rules

  • 60 Day Time Limit: When you decide to buy gold, the money will be sent from your IRA. Once you receive the money, you must transfer it within 60 days. If you go over, then you will be responsible for fees and penalties. At the moment, you would be forced to pay a 10% tax. To avoid this, complete the transfer within the appropriate timeframe. That way, you won't lose any of your money to those fees.

  • Must Deposit Funds With a Gold Custodian: After you receive your funds, you'll have to choose a custodian. Otherwise, you cannot keep the gold in your personal account. After finding a suitable custodian, you can send them the funds. Then, they will convert them into precious metals. At this point, you can just sit back and watch the assets accumulate.

  • Only One Rollover Per Year: Generally speaking, you can only initiate one of these transactions each year. However, if you would like to complete more than one transaction, it is possible. Still, you will have to pay for the associated fees for any additional transactions. The first transaction will always be completely tax-free as long as you completed it within the timeframe.

  • Must Complete Transaction Within Timeframe to Avoid Taxes: Once you receive your money, you must finish the transaction. If you exceed this time limit, you will be subject to various fees and taxes. For that reason, you should do everything as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will lose money due to avoidable fees.

Gold IRA Transfer Rules

  • Custodian-to-Custodian: A IRA transfer is of little different. Typically, this process is much simpler for the consumer. Since the custodians handle everything, you do not have to understand what's happening behind the scenes. Instead, you can just let them know what you would like to happen. Then, they will handle the rest.

  • Simpler Process: When you complete these transactions, you'll never have to pay fees. Because the money never reaches your hands, you also never have to worry about the 60-day rule. Therefore, most consumers feel that the transfer is much less of a hassle.

  • Easiest Way to Invest in Gold With Your IRA: When you do this, the custodians handle everything for you. In some instances, the original custodian can simply write a check. Either way, you won't have to worry about the fine details. They will handle everything for you.

401k to Gold IRA:

Suppose that you have money in your 401(k). With that money, you would like to invest in the precious metals market. Depending on the rules of your 401(k), this may or may not be possible. Nevertheless, it is worth asking your employer about. Otherwise, you won't know if it's a possibility.

What Is a Gold IRA Rollover?

Most consumers understand that they can rollover funds from one IRA to another. However, with this, it is a special case. Instead of transferring cash, you'll end up with precious metal assets. Although it is called the gold rollover, there are many precious metals that you can choose from.  IRAInvesting.com has put together a list of the best gold investment companies that can help you understand this further.  

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997:

Initially, IRAs did not allow people to invest in precious metals. In 1997, this all changed. Congress passed a piece of legislation called the taxpayer relief act. As part of this legislation, a new type of rollover was invented. With it, consumers could transfer money from their retirement accounts into new asset classes.

Long-Term Retirement Account:

An IRA is a particular type of retirement account. These rollovers allow you to use the money you have within them to invest in precious metals. Additionally, as long as you follow the rules, you will still gain all the benefits from your long-term retirement account. These benefits include avoiding taxes.

Precious Metals Investment:

In the investing industry, there are many different asset classes. If you ask a professional financial advisor, they will tell you to diversify. In general, most professionals recommend you have at least a portion of your portfolio in the precious metals market.

Self-Directed IRA:

In contrast to traditional IRAs, these accounts are self-directed. Therefore, you have more control over what you do with your money than you would with another account. Plenty of people enjoy this benefit quite thoroughly. If you would like to have more control, this is one way you can get it.

Multiple Precious Metals Possible:

Despite the name, gold is not the only thing that you can choose. In fact, as of the moment, there are at least four different metals you can buy. For example, you could choose to invest in palladium. There are also options for platinum and silver as well.

Restrictions on Gold Bullion:

However, you cannot just buy anything. There are strict rules regarding the purity of precious metals. According to IRS rules, all gold bullion must conform to specific standards. For example, any gold boy on must be at least 99.9% pure. Otherwise, it will not qualify.

Picking the Top Companies in the Gold IRA Industry

Since the custodian is essential, choosing the right company is an incredibly important decision. If you are not careful, you could choose a fraudulent enterprise. When you send them your money, it will be gone forever. Luckily, nowadays, there are plenty of reputable institutions willing to work with you. Thus, as long as you do your research, you should not have any problems. Of course, it would still be beneficial for you to compare different companies. That way, you can find the one with the best benefits for your retirement planning.

Differences in Fees:

Each company will charge a varying amount for their services. Depending on your selection, you might pay less for your account. In our opinion, the correct option will depend on how you envision the future. In some instances, you'll be better with one option rather than another.

Annual vs. Sliding Scale:

Some institutions will charge a flat rate. At the end of the year, they will pull the appropriate amount of money from your account. The amount should not change from year to year. On the other hand, some institutions offer a sliding scale fee. Typically, these will make more sense if you are investing in smaller amounts. Since the fees adjust according to your portfolio size, smaller portfolios are more affordable with this method.


Besides their fee structure, we recommend reviewing their reputations. One way you can do this is by checking out the Better Business Bureau. All custodians are required to register with them. On the Better Business Bureau website, you can check out what other consumers think of the institution. Most of the time, public sentiment can be a good rule of thumb. However, it's important for you to rely on more than just the word of other consumers. Remember, people who have had negative experiences are much more likely to leave reviews online. Therefore, a few bad reviews should not dissuade you from doing business with an otherwise reputable enterprise.

Why You Need a Gold Custodian:

Again, without a custodian, you cannot hold onto gold in your retirement account legally. Thus, working with a custodian is essential. For that reason, these custodians have been growing in popularity for many years. Ever since the initial legislation passed, they have been growing at increasingly rapid rates. Now, they are more prolific than ever before.

Why Consider One of These Accounts 

Even though these accounts are popular, popularity should not be the final word in your decision. In fact, crowds are wrong in plenty of instances. Nevertheless, we still believe these represent a great way to diversify your portfolio. Below, we have listed a few of the potential benefits you will experience. If these seem appealing, then you should consider diversifying. That way, you will get to experience them.

Hedge Against Market Downturns:

Asset classes vary in value over time. Sometimes, the stock market cannot be beaten. However, that is not always the case. In some instances, the stock market can crash quite severely. To protect your portfolio, you should diversify into the precious metal markets. Historically, gold has held its value better during times of economic uncertainty. Therefore, it can help to cushion your retirement accounts during economic downturns. If you feel as if you are exposed to excessive risk, this is one way for you to protect yourself.

Holds Value Better Against the Dollar:

Of course, even the value of the dollar will change as the years go by. Usually, this will result in inflation. If you would like to protect yourself from the ravages of inflation, holding onto some gold is a great idea. When we compare gold prices historically, we see that it holds its value relative to the dollar rather well. Thus, even if the dollar falls, you will not lose your shirt. As long as you have some precious metals, it should help to protect you from any depreciation. Plus, it may increase in value on its own.

Diversify Your Portfolio While Avoiding Taxes:

Besides diversity, you can also avoid taxes by using one of these. Generally speaking, IRAs are popular because they allow you to invest with your pretax income. However, in the past, you are limited with the assets you could purchase. Now, you can use one of these to expand your portfolio into multiple asset classes. By doing this, you increase the diversity of your retirement accounts. Not only does this give you additional protection, but it also exposes you to other industries. If one of them were to increase in value, you would get to experience some of that benefit. Without any gold in your account, you would simply miss out on all of those gains. In our opinion, there is no reason for you to avoid the precious metal markets. In fact, your portfolio might perform better if you put assets into them.

The Bottom Line When it Comes to Gold Investments and Your Retirement

If you are planning for retirement, you'll need to have a well-crafted strategy. Otherwise, your accounts will be held at the whim of the market. Usually, you want to avoid that. By using one of these rollover strategies, you can diversify your retirement funds. That way, you can protect your retirement from negative outcomes. Plus, you'll have additional exposure to other markets. In most instances, this will pay off in the long run. Of course, you'll have to work with a custodian. Plus, you must follow all the rules and regulations. The top companies in the gold IRA industry would love to have your business. We hope you do your research. That way, you can select the best company for your retirement plans.

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