Twitter Could Add a Revenue Stream Through the "Tipping System" and Other Features Like "Undo Send"
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Twitter Could Add a Revenue Stream Through the "Tipping System" and Other Features Like "Undo Send"

Some time in the future, users might be able to customize their very own Twitter profile or even tip their favorite influencer inside the social media app itself. The company is reportedly looking to diversify its very own revenue steam.

Twitter moving away from advertising

In an effort to slowly move away from the whole concept of advertising sales while still being able to maintain a source of income, Twitter is now looking for ways that they can profit through different new features that could come to the app. According to the report by Bloomberg, some of the particular new potential avenues would include the addition of subscription options through a certain "tipping system" that would be charging for a Tweetdeck, profile customizations, as well as certain features like the "undo send."

The probably upcoming "tipping system" would be able to allow people to pay some other Twitter users that they follow in order to avail exclusive content which is a concept that comes from other platforms like Patreon or even OnlyFans. This would allow users to familiarly advertise this on their own Twitter as well, according to the story by Complex.

Twitter to benefit influencers and businesses

The article notes that it might be interesting to see how the particular changes would eat into the said platforms and increase revenue for certain influencers or even allow another number of unique Twitter creators to rake in profit. According to the company's revenue product lead Bruce Falck's statement, these new changes might include subscriptions as well as other approaches that will allow people as well as businesses of all types of sizes on Twitter to access some unique features as well as enhanced opportunities for their content creation, engagement, and even discovery.

A number of teams over at Twitter are already within the early stages of this particular research approach in order to generate funds. However, it's still quite unlikely that users will be seeing the upcoming features this year. Within 2020, a reported $808 million of Twitter's own $936 million over in Q3 reportedly came from the platform's ad sales.

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Twitter acquires Revue

The news actually follows Twitter's recent acquisition of the newsletter publishing platform known as Revue, which has signaled the company's internal interest in subscriptions and even content creation. Jack Dorsey noted last year that they do think that there is still a world where subscription is considered as complementary. It was also said that it is imaginable to work around and help people manage their own paywalls, as well, that they believe is said to be complementary.

Jack Dorsay noted that that is what they are looking for and that they already have a small team that is already exploring the company's options. Jack Dorsay also said that obviously, they are also hiring for those particular teams. As of the moment, it is still unknown as to when the upcoming features would roll out or if they are final as Twitter is still working on finalizing everything.

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