Google is reportedly testing the dark mode feature again. It was not the first time that the company has launched the dark mode. Meanwhile, it seems that the tech giant is now exploring the theme for the desktop search.

Google Search featuring Dark Mode

The dark mode feature of the Google search is still limited for some users. However, Google is now moving with the dark mode trend, which also invades other social media applications. This other A/B test has the potential to transform your desktop theme into a night-mode background.

In case you want to try the dark mode in your Google Chrome on desktop or mobile, open your Chrome in the incognito window. You will be introduced to the search box, which suggests that the dark theme is now available for use. In addition, users should turn on the setting through a shortcut button so they could have quick access to the feature,

If you already tried the previous dark mode that was released last month, you might be seeing glimpses of its icon, which will look familiar to you.

While dark mode theme is now a cliche, the way it tickles the users to try this is more like a test drive. The theme will match your desktop, but you have to enable it manually.

In another report, some users experienced automatic switching of the default mode to dark mode. Nevertheless, the reason behind the quick tease is not yet confirmed. Meanwhile, some Google search pages remained on the white version, even some already enabled the dark mode, specifically from the experience of Jay Peters of The Verge, who used MacOS.

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If you are asking if this feature will be handy for Mac and Windows 10, it will be applicable since Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and other browsing tools support dark mode.

9to5 Google reported that Google can still be seen having a dark gray background than the expected pure black theme. It also means that the dark mode feature is not working on other pages.

Why is Dark Mode so Popular?

Earlier this month, Twitter joined the dark mode bandwagon after several users reported a change in the color scheme. However, some commented that they disliked it, while others complained that the background sometimes changes into a 'blinding' background. Others call it a "Lights out" theme.

Similarly, Facebook jumped in the trend in 2019 through the Messenger app. Microsoft also implemented dark mode across several systems, including Android, Windows, and iOS.

According to Wire Delta, having a dark mode theme is visually appealing to the users. In addition, it also saves the battery life of the device since dark mode settings consume less power than its white counterpart. More importantly, it is beneficial for sleeping since lighter colors tend to disrupt the sleeping patterns of the users than the darker colors.

Regardless of dark and light themes, or black and white themes, users always judge what trend he/she will adapt depending on their appearance to them.

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