It's the time of the year again for the couples to exchange sweet messages this upcoming Valentine's day. The pandemic might separate them through 'social distancing,' but does not mean that they will not be celebrating anymore the grandeur day for the loving hearts.

If you are thinking about how to celebrate 'Heart's Day' with your distant partner, these 10 Valentine's Day Zoom Date ideas will perfectly fit for the 'loveful' occasion, from making paper hearts to virtual dates.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Zoom Date Ideas For Couples

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1. Paper Hearts for Your Partner

This sounds "highschoolish" at first, but remember that old things are where you start as a couple. Ready your art supplies like scissors, art papers, and glue, so you can create a makeshift-Valentine date via Zoom with your partner. What's even better than the dangling paper hearts and love strings in the background? A lovely letter will complete the whole setup for the couple.

2. It's Written in the Stars

Love is spell-binding as people say so get a shot to read your tarot card this Valentine's Day with your partner. You can also hire an astrologer to know what's written in your hand. Light some candles and play a romantic background song in the virtual encounter like it is your first time. If you want to view some horoscopes for Valentine's Day, read here.

3. Netflix and Sexy Talk

Netflix will make your stay-in celebration with your partner by watching the movie together. Valentine's Day will be special through virtual movie viewing. If you want to do some stuff after watching movies, tease your partner with sexy talks over the phone through chat or video calls.

4. Trip Down a Memory Lane

Pandemic binds the people even tighter than before due to not seeing each other for a long time. For the couples, this is the time to reminisce the best memories that they do before the pandemic like late-night dates, your first time holding each others' hands, a short walk by the street, and even small, random moments.

To make it more exciting, set a timer and make a challenge of finding the last picture of you at school for instance. The winner will win a prize according to what you have discussed.

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5. Online Class (and Date)

Lots of free classes online are now popular to nourish one's thinking affected by the pandemic. Would you believe that taking the same online class or webinar with your partner will not only be a fun date but also a healthy learning environment for you two? Valentine's Day will be better if you are both growing intellectually and socially at the same time!

6. Virtual Vacation

Are your vacation plans with your partner ruined by pandemic? Don't worry as you can still go on a virtual vacation with your partner via Zoom. Drink in front of your computer and pretend that you two are there through engaging with the place's local music, eating local food, and conversing about what the place would look like.

7. Brewery Tour With Your Partner

Going on a night drink is virtually enticing with your partner. You can entertain your partner by setting up a wine date in your night clothes so savoring beers and wines will be twice sweeter. If you want a more interactive brewery, visit Kendall-Jackson for a bonus virtual chocolate tasting!

8. Sweet Goodies For Your Sweetheart

The way to a person's heart is through his/her stomach, that's why food is a "love glue" that makes the couples closer. Bake some sweets for your honey while talking over Zoom. After making goodies, heartily eat together until your hearts and stomachs are both fully in love and "literally" full.

9. Nothing Beats Than A Virtual Concert

If you are a fan of live concerts, there's nothing to fret even during the pandemic. The virtual concert is a way to go for couples through Zoom. Just set an old concert video, a past ballet show, or even a theatrical play on your computer or laptop and feel the same vibe as if it is a live concert with your partner.

10. Revisit Your First Date

Remember how you still look awkward and clueless as a starting couple on your very first date. Now, think of it again and recreate the scenes in your room or in any wide space at your home. Bring back again the times when you arrive late in the date, or when you spill your coffee clumsily. It's never too late to recreate those memorable moments even on virtual dates.

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