Government is Now Investing Second Biggest Hack of 2021 as Brazil Sees 102 Million Customer Data Exposed
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Government is Now Investing Second Biggest Hack of 2021 as Brazil Sees 102 Million Customer Data Exposed

Brazil's official government sector, the National Data Protection Authority or ANPD in Portugese acronym has recently informed the public that it has officially launched an investigation into the country's reported second largest data leak that had happened this year. The investigation currently relates to the exposure of private data that relates to over 102 million different mobile phone lines coming from two different mobile operators.

Brazil data exposed

The original news comes from a Brazilian news website Neofeed and the story notes that the leak included certain names, the taxpayer registration numbers, the total minutes spent on certain phone calls, as well as a few other details. The details even included certain information that was related to the president himself, Jair Bolsonaro.

A particular cybercriminal that is reportedly based outside of Brazil has recently claimed to have obtained a whopping 57.2 million customer data sets coming from Vivo as well as 45.6 million data sets that related to Claro customers and has even been selling their own personal data to the dark when, according to the article. The cybersecurity and privacy firm known as Psafe has recently discovered the incident on February 3.

ANPD and federal police

According to the story by ZDnet, despite the discovery, there was no evidence that both of the said mobile operators had actually been the main source of the leaks. Both of the companies also deny that there is any customer data that has been unwantedly leaked.

The official data protection authority stated that it is now taking all of the appropriate measures in order to investigate the said case. The ANPD has recently summoned the said Federal Police, as well as the said company that had reported the fact and also all of the companies noted to be involved.

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223 million Brazilian data leaked

The main idea is that the organization will be able to help the said newly-formed authority, which has just released its initial strategy some time last week. The organization will be assisting in the actual investigation as well as adoption of certain actions in order to both mitigate and contain the risks that are related to the actual personal data of the given consumers that could have been potentially affected.

The news of the particular leak had followed another incident that happened earlier this year with around twice as much data was said to be compromised. It was reported some time earlier this year that a whopping 223 million Brazilians which even included certain deceased citizens data all ranging from their very own name, address, up to their current income, personal vehicle information, as well as tax returns were all exposed and even sold online on the dark web. The current leak was noted as the second biggest data leak that happened this year and even allegedly included data from the president himself.

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