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There are instances wherein it is difficult to choose the best picture out of every shot that you made with your camera. Canon hopes to help users with that dilemma by the process of culling an extensive photo library down to the best shots that you've made to make the selection easier and less time-consuming.

Canon Photo Culling App

Canon is introducing a new app that features a computer vision algorithm that will assist the user with choosing the best picture in a series of either unrelated or related photos, according to Engadget.

The new software will take into consideration four criteria when you are grading the pictures that you took. It will look at whether they are sharp and they are free of unsightly digital noise, in addition to examining the emotions that are on display, as well as checking to see if your subject has their eyes open in the case of a portrait shot.

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Users can set the threshold that the app uses to know whether you should keep a picture or not. As soon as it selects a handful of winners, it will then suggest that you delete the other pictures that were not selected to save space on your phone. You can use the app to made albums that highlight specific dates and events from the past.

The iOS app can be downloaded for free, but you will need to pay for a yearly subscription of either $3 or $15 to use the software after the three-day trial period, according to Yahoo.

Other photo cutting tool

Although this is the first time that Canon used this tool, they are not the first one in the market to use it. In October 2020, Adobe added a feature called Best Shots to Lightroom Creative Cloud, according to Adobe.

Just like the one that is used by Canon, it also uses AI in order to help make culling a photo library faster. The Best Shots also comes with an app that you can use to edit your pictures.

So how does Best Shots work? In Lightroom Creative Cloud, Adobe added the feature Best Shots that uses the AI algorithm to first group together your images, then select the most compelling one in the series of photos where you may have several that looks the same.

In selecting one capture over the others, the AI algorithm is looking at many factors like whether you properly exposed the image and you nailed the focus. It also takes into account the subject matter of the photo, as well as the more creative choices that you have made like how you framed the composition.

The slider also gives you the option to decide how selective the algorithm goes about doing its task. As soon as the tool has completed the task, you are free to add additional pictures as you wish and you can use Lightroom's other organizational tools like the pick and star features, to organize an album further.

Just like composition, narrowing down an album full of pictures is a skill that takes years to develop, but thanks to AI you can now choose a picture in just seconds.

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