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"Genshin Impact" released the Theater Mechanicus minigame, which is a part of the Lantern Rite event. You will need to use the Xiao Lantern in order to defend your tower against the enemies.

The Xiao Lantern can be made in the event, and one of the ingredients is Plaustrite Shard that you might struggle to find. Here's a guide on how you can locate Plaustrite Shard in the game.

Plaustrite Shard locations in Genshin Impact

The first location is near the southwest of Mt. Aaozang. You will then encounter the Geovishap Hatchling and numerous Crystal nodes.You will yield Plaustrite shards if you defeat the Hatchling and destroy the nodes, according to Game8.

You can also go to Mt. Tianheng. There are numerous ores that you can harvest to get Plaustrite shards. You can defeat Geovishap Hatchling or Stonehide Lawachurl to get more Plaustrite shards.

Once you get Plaustrite shards, you will need the other materials to craft Xiao Lanterns, they are Lantern Fibers and Wick Materials.

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Lantern Fibers are easy to get, they can be harvested from the plethora of plants that can be found throughout Tevyat. The Wick Materials can be harvested by defeating Fatui elites or enemies similar to hilichurls, according to

Guide to Lantern Rite currency

There are three types of currency players that will get in the event: Xiao Lanterns, Veneficus Sigils and Peace Talismans. Each of them is used for a different purpose and they can be obtained through different ways, according to PCInvasion.

The first thing that you will learn about when you start the event is the Xiao Lanterns. These lanterns can be crafted and they are needed for fulfilling the daily citizen request and they are used as payment for playing Theater Mechanicus. Unlike the other currencies, you will need to collect the materials to make the items from the wild.

To make these lanterns, you will need Lantern Fiber that is earned through collecting plants, Wick Material that is earned through hunting meat-producing animals and killing hilichurls and Plaustrite shars that you can get by farming ore.

Each Xiao Lantern needs one of each of the items to craft and 50 mora. The lanterns can also be used to place items around the map and they don't have an expiration date.

The next type of currency of Veneficus Sigils comes from the Theater Mechanicus game. The sigils are earned by beating a game and more sigils that you unlock yourself. Sigils can also be used to purchase different upgrades that will make it difficult rounds of games easier.

You will need to rely on the sigils in-game to help you improve your field and when you get enough Veneficus Sigils, you will be able to get the Peace Talismans as a reward.

The Peace Talismans is a currency that you will want to focus on collecting. It works like crystals and it points from other events.

These are what players are going to be spending in the Xiao marketplace to unlock those level up items and books. You can get them through Theater Mechanicus, which can be stressful for those who have never played.

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