Google Pixel 6 hinted at an early surprise for this year just months after Google Pixel 5 entered the smartphone market. It seems that this time, Google has been investing in improving their smartphones, which will soon be launched for the public this fall.

How much will Google Pixel 6 cost?

The flagship phone only recently appeared when Google hinted at its possible release. The last phone, Pixel 5, was priced at $699, while its predecessor, Pixel 4, started at a much expensive value of $799. This time, the Pixel's sixth edition's price might drop like its former version, judging from the pattern.

However, Google could twist its price for a much higher value since it would come out with a much high-end processor. Whatever its price, the market could be a big indicator of it, especially when competitors like Samsung and Apple, for instance, have released a much lower price for their latest smartphones.

Google Pixel 6 Cameras, Design and Display

According to Tom's Guide, Pixel 5 has been bragging about its camera features with its IMX363 12.2MP sensor since removing the telephoto lens placed on Pixel 4. It will be a standout between two past models of smartphones. Whether Pixel 6 will adapt the telephoto lens or the latest sensor remains unknown at the moment.

Furthermore, Google was rumored to run an under-display front camera with Pixel 6. Additionally, the said feature could be used to match ZTE Axon 20 5G, which was reportedly the first smartphone to utilize it.

When it comes to phone design, Google could be experimenting with Pixel 6. While Pixel 5 made use of aluminum chassis, Pixel 6 could have embraced the same feature. We do not know yet what could be a minor tweak with the appearance, but the chance is Google will either implement a little change or have an extreme make-over of the upcoming phone.

Still, Google has improved in exploring the possible displays of smartphone screens. A faster refresh rate is Google's trademark for their flagship phones, which began in 2019 with Pixel 4. The tech giant could have developed its 90Hz to 120Hz for a much-advanced Pixel 6.

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Google Pixel 6 Specs, Battery, and Possibility of Getting its XL Version

Previously, the XL version was applied to Pixel 5. Now with Pixel 6 on its way, it could still have a standard and XL edition as well. If Google wants to continue venturing phone screens, we would most likely get an XL version of the phone.

For the phone's specifications, Google kept shut regarding them. Most likely, if Google needs more marketable products, they could go for a powerful processor like Pixel 5's Snapdragon 765G. However, if the company likes to enter the high-spec smartphones trend, it could go with Snapdragon 888, which Samsung Galaxy S21 also uses.

The more advanced the processor, the higher its price will shoot, so Google could have an option of setting a hefty price for a worthy phone. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 870 5G could also be a candidate for Pixel 6's processor since it is compatible with Pixel 5's wireless network standard. But as per a Gadgets Report, Google Pixel 6 uses an octa-core processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 (5nm) Chipset.

If the rumors are true, chances are Google will settle for their own chipset through Samsung for Pixel 6. The competition will be between smartphones and the capability of today's notable processors of smartphone devices.

For the battery, a 4,000 mAh battery can be the basis of the phone. Pixel 5 did the same thing and prevailed to be a long-lasting phone compared to other smartphones. Google could pursue the same path with Pixel 5. However, if they prioritize a revamped refresh rate, it will come at the cost of battery life consumption.

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