Parler has returned to service people in bringing the "free internet," shortly after the recent announcement of its Founder and CEO who is not with the company to reap the joy and benefit. The free social media was the one critics and officials have blamed for the recent controversy in the US Capitol, causing major backers to boycott.

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The popular "free internet" where no rules are seemed to be followed and enforced, Parler, has now returned for people to use and re-login their previously made accounts to connect and discuss where they have left off. The shutdown of the social media network gained mixed reactions from the country, which sided to both the negative and positive aspects. 

Initially, Parler was the key and answer to the boycott of the big tech and social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, for its content moderation and community guidelines. People have aimed for a "free internet" where there are no rules and restrictions for them, which Parler has happily hosted for several months. 

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Parler Back Online: How to Use it

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According to Screen Rant, old and new aspiring users can use and access the "free internet" social media, Parler, via its website and direct browser address of The social media's website is a guaranteed way to use the social networking domain of Parler, especially to people who have turned their back on massive social media companies. 

Parler has a live server that is up and running now, and it is independent of its previous attachment to web client servers like the AWS, which kicked the site off. Moreover, users would be able to log back in, continue the discussions, and enjoy the benefits of the social media like before.

However, new users would not be able to sign up or create new accounts because the feature is not yet available, as reported by Bree A Dail via Twitter (@breeadail).

Does Parler Have Android and iOS Apps Too?

Parler gets Parlor app famous
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Due to the Parler ban, older Parlor app got instant fame.

On the other hand, Parler is not available on other platforms aside from web browsers and the internet, as the service is not as established as it was before. Parler's Ban from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is still enforced, which users would not be seeing gone in these times. 

Parler's future is still uncertain, in terms of smartphone applications, as it has previously got on Apple and Google's bad side. The social media needs to exhibit that it would be a worthy addition to both application stores before it sees a re-return on the mobile platforms. 

Parler CEO John Matze, Where is He? 

Recently, the Parler board has cutoff and fired John Matze as the CEO of the social media website. This came in as a shock for Matze as he initially posted a statement in the previous placeholder website of Parler, which gave a message to all haters and fans. 

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