Nintendo Direct 2021 Smash Bros DLC Character Possible Reveal
(Photo : Screenshot From ProsafiaGaming YouTube) Nintendo Direct 2021 Smash Bros DLC Character Possible Reveal

After the Nintendo Direct 2021 is reportedly coming any time soon, and while every known Nintendo fan will have their own wish list ready for these particular sorts of events in order to cover everything that they hope to hear about,there is one thing that can be known for sure which is that the Smash Bros. Ultimate won't miss the opportunity to make an appearance.

Nintendo Direct Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Considering just how this is the very first full and official Direct that gamers have gotten over the course of a year, one would actually imagine that Nintendo would then have some actual substantial Super Smash Bros Ultimate for them to share. This means that gamers might be seeing the game's new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter reveal this coming Wednesday.

According to the story by ComicBook, for those that have been paying attention to a number of other Super Smash Bros Ultimate rumors, leaks, and even theories all leading up to the Nintendo Direct, it would then be no surprise to see that a number of people are already talking about the Crash Bandicoot.

New DLC Character coming

The said  classic character has actually been a staple of those sorts on the wishlists of players ever since the game started out. However, there has still been no indicator as of the moment as to whether the quests will start to come to life. 

According to at least one of the many Super Smash Bros Ultimate rumors, there is actually a chance that gamers will be able to see a character tagged to the game that players might be a little less familiar with in comparison to the popular Crash Bandicoot. Some of these rumors have reportedly suggested that Lloyd Irving, coming from the game Tales of Symphonia, might actually be added to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game.

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DLC fighter reveal

Nintendo is known to be no stranger when it comes to adding more of the obscure and also unexpected characters. However, this idea again is just currently a rumor. Whoever is now picked, assuming that there really is a DLC character revelation happening on wednesday, will actually be a mark of the very start of the DLC pass' second half.

It was noted that there will be three different unknown characters, including the expected next one to be revealed remaining, after the very next DLC fighter is said to be announced, players will have two or maybe more characters that they know will be added to the said game. Nintendo's upcoming Direct would start this Wednesday at around 2PM PT.

As of the moment, there seems to be no other leaks or solid rumors that oftentimes happen to the game just before a new DLC character is revealed. An article by GameRant also does not specify who the upcoming DLC character (if there really is) would be.


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