The brand new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) Mii Fighter costumes are finally revealed! Gamers will be able to get Sephiroth which was announced recently on December 17. Fans were shocked to see Sephiroth in the trailer and it looks like things are only getting better and better.

When is Sephiroth Presentation coming to Smash?

According to an article by SiliconEra, all of the new characters come from certain RPG games. In addition to the popular Final Fantasy Chocobo hat, there will also be the Final Fantasy VII Berret, Tifa, and Aerith costumes! Also, the popular Super Smash Bros. RPG's very own Geno is finally going to SSBU as a certain costume.

Here are the other characters coming to SSBU:

  • Berret - the Gunner
  • Tifa - the Brawler
  • Chocobo - the Hat
  • Geno - the Gunner
  • Aerith - the Sword Fighter (it is important to note that even though she is still in Sword Fighter costume, her own weapons just look like her own traditional staff.)

The brand new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate costumes are said to cost $0.75 each and that they are expected to come out at the exact same time as Sephiroth comes out.

Sephiroth release date

The Tifa, Barrett, Geno, and Aerith SSBU Mii Fighter costumes will all be in good company. The reportedly last round in October 2020 added characters just like the No More Heroes' Bomberman, Travis Touchdown, and even Minecraft characters. Back in June, the game even had Splatoon, Tekken's Heihachi, and even Fallout's own Vault Boy.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The Sephiroth smash bros DLC as well as the Final Fantasy VII and the Super Mario RPG Mii Fighter costumes will all be available this coming December 22, 2020.

SSMU mods

A specific Reddit post under the r/SmashBrosUltimate shows another massive character that seems to be in SSBU as well, THANOS!? The description simply states that the Smash Bros Sephiroth leak actually revealed Thanos! Could Thanos be coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2020 or Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2021?

Upon research, articles were found of the Thanos mod in the popular Nintendo Switch game instead of an actual Thanos character. An article by Den of Geek notes that modders have included Thanos in the game. This, however, is only a mod and far from the real thing. However, it does look interesting seeing Marvel's baddest villain in the game.

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Mods in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Mods are usually used to alter existing characters or objects inside the game to make them something else. Although the Thanos character looks pretty impressive, this is still just a mod and not an official character within Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Mods are created by modders and usually not the official team behind the game.

Sephiroth Super Smash Bros was quite a surprise for most gamers. What on earth does the game have planned out next for the Nintendo Switch.

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