Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area may soon be able to pay for a ride on BART and 23 other transportation options using their iPhone or Apple Watch.

The tech company has announced that the Apple Wallet app support for the Clipper card, the Bay Area's all-in-one reloadable transit card, will be available in the future.

The system does not have a rollout date yet, but it already has a launched sign-up page where you could register your email address to get a notification as soon as it becomes available.

Apple Pay to be activated in San Francisco

After you add Clipper to the Apple Wallet app and it will enable Express Transit, the user will be able to pay using the device without authenticating their Face ID and their Touch ID or having to double-click the side button on their Apple Watch.

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You can use Apple Pay in some areas without Express Transit enabled, but you will have to go through the authentication procedure every time, according to Engadget.

In San Francisco, you will have to verify your identity with Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode to be able to ride SFMTA's cable car and other transit services using the handheld card readers, according to TechCrunch.

Apple Pay's Express Transit is currently working with various transit cards around the world, including China's T-Union cards and Japan's Suica and Pasmo cards. The United States supports NYC's MTA card, LA's TAP card, Chicago's Ventra, Washington's SmarTrip, and Portland's Hop Fastpass.

What is a Clipper card?

If you are in San Francisco, you will need a Clipper card. It is a smart, contactless travel card that can be used all over the Bay Area. Travelers can add value to their cards either as they go or automatically, depending on what will work best.

A Clipper card can help you save money, and it also prevents you from paying in cash and carrying it around. You can purchase the Clipper card from the Clipper card customer service center located inside Embarcadero station. You can also purchase them from ticket machines for the MUNI and the Golden Gate Ferry.

The cards can also be bought from a number of retail locations, including Whole Food Market and Walgreens.

So how does the card cost? Adult Clipper cards can be bought at $3. However, if you purchase one online and set up autoload payments, then your fee will be waived.

How do you use your Clipper card? In order to use your card, just look for a Clipper reader on the bus or at fare gates, at stations, or at ferry terminals.

Press your Clipper card to the card reader. When your ticket has been accepted, you will hear a brief beep, and you will see a green light at BART fare gates, with a text, "OK."

In order to check your Clipper card balance, check the card reader when you tag in. You will be able to see your balance on the display screen. You can also check your balance when you add value to your card. To add value, call customer service on 877.878.8883, or you can check the Clipper account online.

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