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During the latest Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Miitopia is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Miitopia is a lesser-known Nintendo 3DS title that a lot of people consider to be the spiritual successor to "Tomodachi Life", an underrated game classic.

"Miitopia" appears to be a simple port at first glance but the recent reveal trailer shows that it is more than just another old game that is being given another chance.

Miitopia release date and price

"Miitopia" is an RPG where Miis can take on the role of different characters throughout the story. The players select Miis as the characters in their party, later assigning them a class from different types of options.

The whole game capitalized on your ability to add anyone that you wanted to your story, somewhat similar to "Tomodachi Life."

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The "Miitopia" will provide a unique and comedic RPG experience for players unlike anything else. The 3DS version of the "Miitopia" was a great experience for those who loved to see people that they know interact.

The RPG systems also managed to add more direct gameplay, with players using their starting Mii's abilities to help their party during a battle. The players could only control their own Mii, also called a look-alike, while in battle, with the other party members being controlled by the CPU.

The Miis were just as much of a focus in "Miitopia" as they were in "Tomodachi Life," with their relationships being a core mechanic in the combat system.

As Miis create relationship, they will get new co-op abilities that can help them work together in battle. The abilities include cheering on an ally for more damage or taking an attack for a friend.

Miitopia Nintendo vs. Miitopia 3DS

After the announcement, many people are now wondering what the difference will be between "Miitopia" Nintendo and "Miitopia 3DS.

Due to having more resources and it being a re-release, the "Miitopia" game for Nintendo Switch will have more features. This time, players can add makeup and put wigs on their characters. Players will also have more customization options, so players can modify the players however they like.

According to Polygon, the 3DS version of the game did not revolutionize it but it was easy to navigate and it has a familiar formula that players found delightful.

Basically the 3DS version has a protagonist that was set on a RPG adventure. The players were given the chance to pick their class, create a party and cross a fantasy land to fight the Dark Lord. The Switch version of the game is expected to let the players have more control.

Miitopia release date and price

The original "Miitopia" was released back in December 2016, then it was released in 3DS in 2017. Now, Nintendo Switch is planning to release the game on May 21.

According to Wario64, the "Miitopia" Switch edition will cost around $49.99. However, there are retailers that may sell the game at a much higher price.

Wario64 reported that retail store Best Buy may add $10 on top if the suggested retail price, so expect the game to cost you around $59.99 if you plan to purchase the game there. You can check Best Buy's website from time to time for availability.

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