'Miitopia' Preorder for Nintendo Switch Online: Where to Buy
(Photo : Screenshot From Nintendo YouTube) 'Miitopia' Preorder for Nintendo Switch Online: Where to Buy

"Miitopia" is known as a customizable role-playing game that stars the lovable Miis for the Nintendo 3Ds. The game is reportedly coming to another platform, the Nintendo Switch, this year on May 21!

Can you play 'Miitopia' on Nintendo Switch?

Shown during the big Nintendo Direct stream that happened on Wednesday, the RPG is reportedly getting a port where, quite just like the original, players will be able to get a chance to design their very own Miis. Players can then set them off on a really fun adventure! Another entertaining part about the game is that players will have to hone in on the character's reported relationships in order to give them some pretty unique perks in order to help them on their adventure.

According to an article by Polygon, Nintendo previously released the "Miitopia" for the Nintendo 3DS back in July of 2017. The actual original game had set a type of protagonist off on quite a typical RPG adventure. This included letting them pick their class, form a solid party, and also cross a fantasy land in order to fight against the Dark Lord. The question "when will Miitopia be on Switch?" gets asked a lot and now, it's finally here.

Is 'Miitopia' on the switch? 

The new game basically has all of this and a little bit more as players will also be able to add some makeup and even let the characters wear wigs. There will also be a few more other customization options for players to check out. Basically, the newer options allow the players to modify their character to their liking.

The review made by Polygon of the said 3DS version, they noted that Nintendo's (at that time) new Mii-centric RPG won't really revolutionize the given game in any particular sense. However, the game would most likely be a breezy riff on a particularly familiar formula "Miitopia" known as pure delight.

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How much does 'Miitopia' cost? 

While the article talked about the "Miitopia" game, it actually did not note where the game can be preordered online. Luckily, the popular PS5 restock notifier account on Twitter, Wario64, provided yet again some links to two different online retailers that have "Miitopia" preorder options available!

According to Wario64, the upcoming "Miitopia" Switch edition (not to be confused with the 3DS edition, is actually available for preorder on two different online retailers. One of them actually costs $10 more than the other. Wario noted that on US eShop, the "Miitopia" price would be at $49.99. However, it seems like another retailer is charging $10 more for the same game.

Best Buy, a big retailing brand, was also reportedly selling the game according to Wario64. However, it was reportedly selling the game at $59.99. As of the moment, there is no explanation as to the difference in prices. For those unable to buy on the official Nintendo eShop, however, the extra $10 might be something to cross in order to get the "Miitopia" Nintendo Switch game.


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