'CoD' 2021 Leak Suggests 'Guerrilla-Like Warfare' as Theme for  New Game
(Photo : Screenshot From jackfrags YouTube) 'CoD' 2021 Leak Suggests 'Guerrilla-Like Warfare' as Theme for New Game

A brand new CoD 2021 leak has recently surfaced around the web, and it's now saying everything right that players want to hear. This is especially true for both the Warzone and Modern Warfare fans are trying to hear. Activision still has not yet revealed the upcoming Call of Duty 2021 as of the moment, however, it has confirmed a brand new entry in the particular series expected to release this year for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and also Xbox Series S.

'Call of Duty' 2021 leak

According to an article by ComicBook, with this being said, although Activision is still trying to exercise some restraint and silence regarding the title, the leakers, however, aren't. According to a prominent CoD leaker on Twitter, Tom Henderson, there were a few things that he has actually been hearing regarding the game.

For those that aren't really familiar with Henderson's work, he's known to be one of the more reliable sources when it comes to Call of Duty leaks. The leaker has reportedly provided some accurate information regarding Warzone, Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and a number of others.

Activition and Sledgehammer Games

Henderson tweeted that the new CoD 2021 is currently in development at Sledgehammer Games which is the team popular behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as well as Call of Duty: WWII. Henderson reportedly claims that the new game will actually be quite gritty as well as controversial just like how Modern Warfare was in the past.

This could be why CoD MW fans are now starting to board on the new Call of Duty 2021 hype train. Henderson had also described the particular game as a new "boots on the ground" type of game which is always a way to get those hardcore as well as classic Call of Duty fans quite thrilled. In the end, it was said that the upcoming game is now apparently putting some emphasis on particular "guerrilla-like warfare."

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'Call of Duty Warzone' new map

Lastly, Henderson also confirmed that the game will also be integrated along with Warzone (new Warzone map anybody?) just like what happened to Black Ops Cold war back in December. This would mean that the game's roaring guns will come to Call of Duty Warzone and the new map might get a makeover in order to better fit the supposed new release.

Henderson still did not divulge any information regarding the setting. However, according to another particularly prominent insider, the game is said to be heading back to the gruesome World War 2. As in the past, everything here should also be taken with caution. Although Henderson has reportedly proved reliable on a number of occasions, this, however, doesn't change the fact that everything noted is still unofficial. Players will still have to wait for Activision as well as Sledgehammer games to give an official announcement regarding the upcoming Call of Duty 2021 game.

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