Travel trailers are not uncommon, especially as many are now embracing life on the road and off the grid, but the latest trailer created by Polydrops, a California company and travel trailer manufacturer, is specifically designed for electric vehicles, such as Tesla cars.

Polydrops P17A EV travel trailer
(Photo : Polydrops)
The Polydrops P17A travel trailer is made to look like a spaceship.

How Much Does the Trailer Cost?

In a report by Business Insider, the futuristic-looking camper is known as the P17A and costs around $24,990 to $36,140, depending on the add-ons that the client wants.

For example, the electrified trailer camp has a 2.4-kilowatt-hour battery, but it could be upgraded to 4.8 kilowatt-hours, which costs $2,000 or 12 kilowatt-hours, which would cost clients an additional $8,000.

Moreover, the 260-watt solar panels could also be boosted to 520 watts for anyone willing to pay an additional $800.

As with most trailers, the P17A has enough space to make it livable.

At 13.5 feet long, six feet wide and 5.3 feet tall and an interior width of 4.5 feet, the P17A is bigger than the previous Polydrops model that it launched in 2019, so now it could fit a full-size mattress that could fit two people at a time.

Moreover, a fully upgraded P17A trailer could last off-grid for six nights before you need to have it recharged again.

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A Futuristic and Aerodynamic Look

Polydrops have always designed their trailers to look like spaceships, and the P17A is no exception, making it an instant hit among EV owners from the moment it was officially launched to the public.

"We are getting an enormous amount of emails through our website," Kyunghyun Lew said, who is the company's founder, as per the news outlet via an email interview. "We've sold to the local customers even before we officially launch the product, and one of them purchased it only with the 3D rendering images."

The trailer is made from aluminum and has a foam core to create its structure, with the batteries integrated into the floor.

Although the unique shape of the trailer is among its selling points, it's not just for aesthetics, since it's aerodynamic shape is also designed to allow the electric vehicle that will tow the 1,200-pound trailer to save some energy.

Lew and his team ensured that the P17A reduces air drag, weight, and rolling resistance to make it more EV-friendly.

A Larger Model to Come Soon

In a test done by Polydrops, they used the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range rear-wheel-drive to tow the trailer with 306 watt-hours-per-mile from Los Angeles to Lone Pine, California, and based on the result of the road trip test, the EV was able to travel 245 miles with just one charge, even while towing the P17A trailer.

Nevertheless, the number could differ from one EV to the next, but as per Polydrops' website, the average energy consumption while towing the trailer is 298 watt-hours-per-mile and an average range of 251 miles.

Unfortunately, the California-based company has already closed the sales for the said trailer as soon as it met its target number of orders as it wanted to start creating the P17A for the consumers and begin the P21X trailer, which is a larger trailer model, as per Lew.

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