Tesla has created one of the best smart home solutions for all weather conditions including the harsh winter that has struck 2021 during the time of the pandemic, still offering its power services despite interruptions. The Tesla Solar Roof has proven itself to be one of the must-haves in all homes in the country as it clears snow-covered roofs to generate electric power.

Tesla Solar Roof on Snow
(Photo : Jason Lassen via YouTube Screenshot)

For most cases, people would either go up to their roofs or hire cleaners to remove snow above their heads, for their solar paneling and roofing to function as needed during the winter season.

However, the smart home solution from the popular car manufacturer and clean energy company, Tesla, gave the public one less thing to worry about.

The Tesla Solar Roof has done so much for the Winter and snow submerged areas in the country, particularly in Texas where several power interruptions and power shortages have occurred. Despite this, Tesla Powerwall and Solar Roof users have reported that electricity was still circulating in their homes, and have not experienced any outages.


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Tesla Solar Roof Clears Snow Off it Surface Overnight

A YouTuber named Jason Lassen has documented the events on a house that they were building in Wisconsin where they have chosen Tesla's Glass Solar Roof for the paneling over their heads. Moreover, the YouTuber has shown that his house is nearly finished but has the Tesla Solar Roof already installed and readily-functioning.

Lassen featured drone shots from the day before, which is a Thursday, during the 2021 winter season in the state. Here, he focuses on how the entire neighborhood was covered in snow.

He even went out during the nightly snowstorm, where the house was overall covered, even the solar roof.

However, upon the morning visit the day after, Lassen shows that the roof had little to almost cleared snow on the solar roof's surface. Here, he shows the vicinity of the house where the snow from the roof fell, along with a drone shot of the entire neighborhood where the only snow-cleared roof was theirs, which has the Tesla Solar Roof.

How Does it Work?

According to a forum in Tesla's Solar Roof, this technology was debuted alongside the initial release and offer of the roofing from the clean energy company because of a variety of reasons including safety.

Old or even remodeled roofs may collapse during blizzards or severe snowstorms, along with buildups potentially damaging cars and structures near it.

The technology has been added by Tesla to melt snow off the roof and slowly remove the accumulated snow by sliding off gradually as it melts down.

With this gradual process, vehicles, humans, and other structures underneath would be safer as the falling snow from the roof would not be in heavy bulk to cause potentially damaging hazards.

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