Elon Musk is now offering assistance to the State of Texas who has been hit with one of the nastiest winter storms it experienced, with the Tesla Powerwall aiming to provide electricity and power essential needs. The CEO also mentioned that people need to bring up the concerns and ask for assistance to be "helpful in other ways."

Winter at Giga Texas
(Photo : Tesla via Twitter @tesla)

The popular electric vehicle manufacturer and clean energy company, Tesla, has been offering a massive new option for electricity sources and that is by the use of the Powerwall, which could power the entire house. Now, regular electricity lines are experiencing one of the worst storms it saw in the year and it struggles to provide electricity and heating to the people.

Since the winter season's last remaining weeks are here, it has been raining down hard for the states that observe the four seasons, resulting in widescale power outages and people stuck at home during blizzards.

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Elon Musk Offers Tesla and SpaceX's Help in Texas Winter Storm

According to Elon Musk's latest tweet (@elonmusk), SpaceX in South Texas and Tesla in the state's Central area have been assisting in helping different industries in keeping power and other needs. Musk describes his companies' contributions to provide direct assistance to different places where it is feasible and available to be serviced.

Among the examples given by the Tesla CEO, he mentioned that the SpaceX and Tesla facilities may help in assisting "cold turtles" and in keeping power to the water plants to provide treatments. The CEO then added that people should not hesitate to let him or his company know in what areas or ways that they can be of service. Texas is hit by one of its worst winter storms, and luckily, it has Elon Musk who recently moved to the Lone Star State to be of assistance during this natural catastrophe and phenomenon. Elon Musk's Tesla, which also rose to prominence in the state recently, has also received massive help from the company during these trying times.

Users Report Tesla Powerwall to Have 'No Power Loss' or Outage in Winter Storm

On the other hand, a Twitter user from Texas has reported that despite the massive power loss in the state and area, then switch to using renewable energy, particularly Tesla's Powerwall, has helped during this crisis. A Twitter user called Michelle (@Michelle4Texla) shared that their street reported almost six times of power outage in the last two days.

However, thanks to the Tesla Powerwall which they have installed and been using before the storm, the user reported that not even once, did they lose power. The continuous power also continued despite the user's Solar Roof being covered in snow and ice, which should have made it difficult to gather power and maintain electricity in the household.

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