Huawei Now Turns to Pig Farming and Mining as Smartphone Sales are Expected to Dip by Up to 60% This 2021
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Huawei Now Turns to Pig Farming and Mining as Smartphone Sales are Expected to Dip by Up to 60% This 2021

While Huawei could have been the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world despite losing access to suppliers from the United States back in 2019, the company had actually topped both Apple and Samsung back in 2020.

Exactly a year to the day, the United States Commerce Department actually put Huawei on its entity list which forced the Chinese firm to halt its business with Google. Out of the blue, foundries that were using American sourced tech were then no longer allowed to ship towards Huawei without having a license.

Why did Huawei venture into pig farming industry?

According to the story by PhoneArena, back in November, Huawei then sold its known Honor sub brand in order for the latter not being banned from obtaining certain chips and other US components due to its association to Huawei. The reported $15 billion that Huawei actually received in the said sale was much needed and now Huawei could still end up as the 7th largest manufacturer of smartphones this year.

BBC reports that Huawei's smartphone production could actually drop by a whopping 60% this year though the reported company could still not confirm any figures. The company is now looking for other ways to source income which is why it was led towards the pig farming industry. In an unexpected mix, Huawei is now into pig farming or hog farming.

This is reportedly a major industry in China where about 50% of the entire world's live hogs or pigs are located. Huawei is also bringing tech into the said pig industry using facial recognition in order to identify the individual hogs.Farms are also using some other technology in order to monitor the pig's diet, exercise, and weight.

Huawei mining industry

A spokesman from Huawei discussed the tech firm's new entry into the pig farming industry. The spokesperson noted that pig farming is just another example of how the company tries to revitalize some of the traditional industries along with ICT or Information and Communications Technology in order to create additional value for the industries in the current 5G era.

Aside from pig farming, Huawei now wants to branch out and dip its hands even into the mining industry. The company founder as well as CEO Ren Zhengfei has just introduced a mining lab some time earlier this month.

Using the new Huawei technology, Ren then wants to turn the miners into regular white collar workers which would allow them to wear their suits and ties to work. The executive then added that the new Huawei mining will have fewer workers, be equipped with greater safety, and achieve higher efficiency.

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Dip in sales in smartphone units this 2021

According to an article by TechSpot, the company is now expected to sell just 70 to 80 million smartphone units this year as opposed to the previous 189 million in 2020 and a whopping 240 million smartphone units back in 2019.

This can be as a result of what happened as the United States Commerce Department put the company on the entity list.

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