As one of the biggest franchises in the world, "Pokemon" definitely has tons of official and unofficial merchandise based on the adorable pocket monsters featured in the cartoons and the games. Perhaps one of the most adorable and ingenious creations of all time is this clay Pichu figure that can wirelessly charge your smartphone. 

An Adorable Pichu Wireless Charger

In a report by Explica, the wireless Pichu clay charger is created by the person behind the YouTube channel Clay Yoshirin Pokemon Clay Art.

As the channel name suggests, the Pichu figurine is made from nothing else but clay, but besides the quality in the craftsmanship and looking exactly like the adorable baby Pokemon, the figurine has also garnered attention from people online for its wonderful feature: being able to charge an iPhone with its cheeks wirelessly.

To make it possible, the YouTube personality incorporated a wireless Apple charger on its cheeks.

For those who are not familiar with "Pokemon" and its monsters, Pichu is the baby version of the most iconic pocket monster of all time: Pikachu.

Pichu and all its evolutions are Electric types and draw electrical energy from their cheeks, which makes the Pichu charger one of the best possible chargers any smartphone owner and "Pokemon" fans would love to have.

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How Much Does it Cost?

So, how much will you need to spend to get one of these?

Here's the heartbreaking answer: it won't likely be sold anywhere else since although there are interested people who have messaged the creator of the Pichu charger, it does not have an official license to mass-produce from The Pokemon Company, which could lead to lawsuits and massive headaches.

Nevertheless, we can still hope that the company might find it a great idea and provide the creator with a license to produce them for consumers, but until then, the best way to get the same charger is to create one yourself, which definitely takes a lot of talent.

But if you want to try it out, the creator has made a YouTube video on creating one.

It could take a lot of practice, but if you're a huge fan of "Pokemon" and Pichu and its evolutions, then it's something worth doing, especially when you have a lot of time on your hands.

'Pokemon' Popularity Contest

"Pokemon" is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and fans could celebrate the franchise in a variety of ways, from playing the iconic official games from consoles to smartphones, or by dropping by the Japanese Pokemon Day website, which includes a ton of things, including a popularity contest.

According to Polygon, most of the people voting in the contest are Japanese, but there are also foreign fans putting in their votes as well.

Nevertheless, there are already more than 700,000 ballots, and it seems like the top contenders are not what everyone expected.

As of the report's writing, the number one spot goes to Dedenne, who is oddly familiar given its similarities with Pikachu, while the next spot was given to Buzzwole, and Magnemite on number three, with Pikachu in fourth place and Eevee in fifth.

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