'Pokemon Go' Kanto Tour Guide: Raid Collection Challenges, Tasks and MORE
(Photo : Pokemon GO (@PokemonGoApp) from Twitter) The three legendary birds in the upcoming 'Pokemon GO' Kanto Tour event.

The most exciting moment for the 'Pokemon Go' fans has arrived as the 'Kanto Tour' event will now immerse you in the oldest region where you can acquire your favorite classic pokemon and their shiny versions. The celebration will also let you choose on what ticket will you purchase between Green and Red with varying exclusives.

Inside The 'Pokemon Go' Kanto Tour Event

According to Comic Book, the event will be split into five hours where different themes are featured for various Pokemon. This includes the Pokemon raids, research tasks, and other inclusions. Basically, this is a nostalgic reunion for the 151 original Pokemon.

The event will commence at 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time on Saturday.

Selecting Your Desired Ticket

To choose whether you want the Red or the Green version, follow these steps:

  1. First, open your item bag

  2. Next, click the "Pokemon Go" Tour Kanto ticket. The options will now appear.

  3. Then, you can now choose between Green and Red.

  4. Lastly, select one of them, then click YES.

Red Version Exclusives (using incense)

  1. Growlithe

  2. Oddish

  3. Ekans

  4. Scyther

  5. Electabuzz

  6. Mankey

High chance of being Shiny besides exclusives:

  1. Bulbasaur,

  2. Squirtle

  3. Charmander

  4. Pikachu

  5. Pidgey

  6. Ponyta

  7. Diglett

  8. Nidoran (female)

  9. Eevee

  10. Lickitung

  11. Drowzee

  12. Krabby

  13. Shellder

  14. Dratini

  15. Hitmonlee

  16. Kabuto

Green Version Exclusives (using incense)

  1. Vulpix

  2. Bellsprout

  3. Meowth

  4. Sandshrew

  5. Pinsir

  6. Magmar

High chance of being Shiny besides exclusives

  1. Bulbasaur

  2. Squirtle

  3. Charmander

  4. Pidgey

  5. Pikachu

  6. Psyduck

  7. Geodude

  8. Exeggcute

  9. Hitmonchan

  10. Tangela

  11. Horsea

  12. Omanyte

  13. Koffing

  14. Dratini

  15. Eevee

  16. Nidoran (male)

'Pokemon Go' Tour: Kanto Raid Collection Challenge

Once the event starts, you can now catch the following Pokemon:

  • Legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres)

  • Mewtwo

  • Tauros

  • Mr. Mime

  • Kangaskhan

  • Farfetch'd

Once you complete the challenge, you will receive one Pokemon encounter and two TMs (one Fast and one Charged TM), SuperParent reported.

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'Pokemon Go' Kanto Research Tasks

According to NewsWeek, here are the tasks that you can do to receive different rewards upon completion.

Task #1 Claim the following:

  • x10 Poke Ball

  • x3 Potion

  • x3 Razz Berry

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x3 Incense

  • 150 XP

  • Charmander

Task #2 Use incense to receive x50 Poke Ball. Next, catch 30 Pokemon to get Tangela, then capture Charmander's snapshot to receive x1 Poffin.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x50 Poke Ball

  • x25 Charmander Candy

  • Chansey

Task #3 Gather 3 hearts with a friend to acquire x300 Stardust. Next, capture 30 Pokemon to get 500 XP and finally, evolve a Charmander to get x25 Charmander Candy.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x25 Ultra Ball

  • x2 Incense

  • Cubone

Task #4 Use incense to get the egg incubator. Then, send three gifts to your buddies to get x5 Pinap Berry. Lastly, trade three Pokemon with your mate to get x25 Charmander Candy.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x500 Stardust

  • x25 Cubone Candy

  • Lickitung

Task #5 Make three straight PokeBall throws to get Aerodactyl. Next, capture 10 different Pokemon to get x1 Star Piece. For the final task, use 20 berries in catching to get x25 Charmander Candy.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x25 Cubone Candy

  • Premium Battle Pass

  • Snorlax

Task #6 Again, throw three straight Poke Balls in the battle to obtain x25 Charmander Candy. Next engage in three raids to get x20 Mewtwo Candy and lastly, evolve one Pokemon to get the Tour Cap.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • Lapras

  • Charged TM

  • Fast TM

Task #7 Capture 30 Pokemons to have 3,000 XP followed by 15 different Pokemon to get x20 Mewtwo Candy. You can now proceed to transfer 20 Pokemon to obtain another 3,000 XP.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • Shiny Ditto

  • Lure Module

  • Lucky Egg

Task #8 Claim the following:

  • x2 3,000 XP

  • x3000 Stardust

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x20 Mewtwo Candy

  • x20 Ditto Candy

  • x10 Ditto Sticker

Task #9 Obtain 20 Pokemon to get x500 Stardust, then power-up your Pokemon thrice to get x15 Great Ball. Lastly, defeat two Go Tour challengers to get Eevee.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x20 Eevee Candy

  • x5 Revive

  • x5 Super Potion

Task#10 Evolve three of your Pokemon to get 500 XP. Again, power them up three times to obtain x500 Stardust. Win two Tour challenges to acquire 500 XP.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x3 Max Revive

  • x3 Max Potion

  • Sinnoh Stone

Task#11 Engage in a raid battle to get 1,000 XP. Then win a single raid to obtain Lapras. Then, proceed to defeat 3 Challengers to obtain x1 Star Piece

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • x1000 Stardust

  • x20 Lapras Candy

  • 1000 XP

Task#12 This time, use power-up five times to acquire Snorlax. Make sure to engage with your friend to accomplish Tour challenges and have x20 Snorlax Candy. Lastly, win five challenges to get the Premium Battle Pass.

Finish the tasks to receive:

  • Lucky Egg

  • Fast TM

  • Charged TM

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