Sony Revamping 'Twisted Metal': Hiring 'Deadpool' Writers for the TV Series
(Photo : "E3 2010 Sony Media Event - new Twisted Metal Nuke game announcement" by Doug Kline is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit Sony is bringing back ‘Twisted Metal,’ and fans did not expect it to be another game, but rather a TV series in the unseen future.

Sony is bringing back '"Twisted Metal," but this time, it will no longer be a game, rather a TV series in the unseen future! According to Variety, Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions are developing a TV series adaptation of this popular game.

The upcoming TV series is described as an action-comedy based on Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers behind the 2016 20th Century Fox Movie hit "Deadpool" and the 2009 zombie post-apocalyptic film "Zombieland."

'Twisted Metal' show in the works

The "Twisted Metal" TV adaptation is all about a motor-mouthed outsider offered a chance for a better life, but first, he must deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The protagonist is not alone, though, as he is accompanied by his trigger-happy car thief in a quest to deliver the package and face some marauders, including the fan-favorite clown car, Sweet tooth.

Meanwhile, Reese and Wernick are said to be executive producers of the show, along with actor and the voice of Lego Batman, Will Arnett, via his Electric Avenue production company with Marc Forman and Peter Principato of Artist First.

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There are rumors that Will Arnett will voice Sweet Tooth in the 'Twisted Metal' TV adaptation cameo. According to the news site, there has been no current deal struck in the production.

Besides that, Michael Jonathan Smith, who is known for writing and producing the Netflix series 'Cobra Kai,' is assigned to be a writer and producer for the 'Twisted Metal' along with Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan of PlayStation Production as co-executive producers. Smith is represented by Verve, 3arts, and Miloknay Weiner.

According to Game Skinny, Qizilbash stated that they are thrilled to be working with such a great team on bringing 'Twisted Metal' from the PlayStation console into a TV series for the fans. The co-executive continued that the TV series will be quite different from the game's yearly tournament of car-smashing and vehicular violence to achieve victory.

When will 'Twisted Metal' air?

The Verge reports that it is still uncertain when the "Twisted Metal" TV series will debut, but it is most likely it is cleared to start its production for the show.

It is also worth noting that Sony announced a movie adaptation in 2012. In 2017, the director who supposedly is up for the job stated that the game developers could not keep up with the budget to make said film and decided to cancel it.

Hopefully, Sony can get the funding to make the "Twisted Metal" TV adaptation possible for fans worldwide. Also, there is no word about what network this show may air or when the filming begins.

"Twisted Metal" is notably the third significant PlayStation property that Sony will transform into a live-action film or TV show with the 'Uncharted' movie coming up, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. Meanwhile, Sony and Naughty Dog collaborated with HBO for the 'Last of Us' TV series with cast from 'Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay.

It has been on five video games across PS One, PS Two, and the PS three in 2012. The first game came out in 1995.

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