Amid the growing misinformation and cyber propaganda, Microsoft vows to fight disinformation and tech and media companies like Intel, Arm, Adobe, and BBC in partnership with the San Diego-based photo and video verification platform Truepic.

Microsoft and Other Companies Formed A Coalition for the Problem

The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) was formed through the participation of Microsoft and other companies. It aims to get rid of the widespread false information and other related content through technology with the help of the media.

Currently, the coalition is still recruiting other organizations for the big movement that started this year. In a statement, the participating companies said that they will work together to watch for online content, which is now made more accessible for the users.

Furthermore, they aim to establish a strict tracking of the media files like images, documents, videos, and audio so information will be specified before they are released.

In a report by ZDNet, this will help how the information is launched to the public. In addition, this tackles how it is also kept so tampering of the data would be recognized.

According to Eric Horvitz, the chief scientific officer of Microsoft, it is ideal to take action on this problem when it comes to publishing content online. He added that the spread of disinformation is now faster through AI advancements in the internet. 

Horvitz continued that what the technologists and the researchers will do is to fight these kinds of fake propaganda through proper certification of their origins.

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For Dana Rao, the general counsel of Adobe, the coalition would hasten the work of strengthening online content so people would have full trust in the information.

In a statement by the coalition, C2PA will pave the way for an online platform that will embrace the open standard of preserving and perusing the earliest digital contents. It was critical at the moment as many people are now using the internet.

What Microsoft and the other companies which are members of the coalition is similar to the bargaining code of Australia when it comes to news media. This now involves Facebook and Google, which are now required to pay before publishing a news article and other related media content.

Earlier in February, Microsoft Vice President Brad Smith wrote a blog article that commended the code's Aussie administration. The United States government could adopt the action with the authority of President Joe Biden.

The Recent Example of Disinformation

While several groups were formed to remove the rampant spread of misinformation, the latest of its kind revealed a fake video of the Perseverance rover that landed on Mars, the Windows Central reported. Now, the video circulated the social media, which already garnered over 17 million views.

Despite that the original video was now deleted, people could have spread it by sharing it on their social media accounts or posting on their websites.

The authenticity of the content was confirmed as bogus since NASA said that the rover landed near an old delta. In the video, the rover set foot on a high ridge. Furthermore, the wandering machine was specifically the Curiosity rover, which was launched in 2011.

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