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Managing your money isn’t easy. With the immense amount of bills and living costs the average adult has to pay every single month, it is no surprise that so many people live paycheck to paycheck. However, many people out there aren’t taking advantage of their finances enough and are missing out on tons of cash flow.

To start, investing is an essential part of building a steady financial future. Though it is possible to acquire wealth strictly through your savings, it is far more feasible to reach economic prosperity via investing. Whether it be in stocks, real estate, or something else, investing your money is the only way for it to grow exponentially over time. When your money just sits in your bank account, it is depreciating due to the value of the dollar dropping.

Despite financial literacy being so drastically important in every adult’s life, it is rarely touched upon in the public education system. In addition to investing, many initiative actions can be taken with your financial institution and the government to maximize your income. Let us enlighten you. Here are six tools and tips to help you build a solid financial future.

Rebranding Strategy Guide

You could be making significantly more money with a simple rebranding of your company. Harper and Scott’s rebranding strategy guide is an excellent resource. Harper and Scott are a design and sourcing studio specializing in branded merchandise. They also create premiums, gifts with purchases, private label and custom apparel, packaging and printing, influencer mailers, and more. Harper and Scott have helped establish brands like L’Oreal, Netflix, and Nike create captivating designs for products.

Harper and Scott have worked with various clients in the past, including in fields of tech, alcohol and beverages, beauty and fashion, sports, hospitality, and even the Fortune 500. They have over 3000 suppliers and have brick-and-mortar offices in China, allowing them to have fast turnaround times. At Harper and Scott, you can essentially design anything you can think of.

VA Disability Calculator

Are you a veteran? Or do you know someone in your family that is? If so, it might be worthwhile for you to check out Berry Law’s VA disability calculator. You may be entitled to benefits. This online tool determines your combined disability percentage and average monthly payments based on your disability status and living situation. If you believe you may be owed benefits, contact the Berry Law firm now.

Berry Law firm helps veterans with disabilities make claims and obtain the benefits they are rightfully owed. The firm was started by attorney and Vietnam war veteran John Stevens Berry Sr., who made the firm’s primary goal to protect veterans’ rights. The Berry Law firm also helps educate veterans on the types of benefits they can receive and how to apply. The firm has won several awards in its 50+ year history, with the most recent one being for “Military and Veteran Law Firm of the Year in Nebraska” for 2021.

Funding Solutions

Seek Capital is a financial institution that helps small business owners obtain funding for their business and individual consumers with loans. The brand seeks to provide business owners with funding solutions and other services needed to run their business. For individuals, Seek Capital uses its proprietary lender matching platform to best match consumers to lenders based on their credit profile.

The company’s list of accolades is pretty extensive, with one of their most recent awards being ranked #171 on the Inc. 5000 Inaugural 2020 list. Seek Capital has been featured in many renowned publications like Forbes, Business Insider, NBC, USAToday, and many others. They have partnered with many other brands, including LendingTree, LendGenius, NationalFunding, and more.

Grow Your Brand

Herman-Scheer is a brand and growth studio that helps companies create memorable, eye-catching marketing campaigns. Under their team of experienced designers and marketers, they can transform the narrative beliefs and values into a real-life, visual representation. Some of the brands they’ve helped include Elude, Wellory, Gainful, and Neuro.

Herman-Scheer uses evidence-based market research to create all of its campaigns. They do so skillfully, though, to combine this research with beautiful imagery, clever diction, and unique design structures. Even their website is artfully designed and uniquely interactive. As soon as you lay your eyes on their work, you’re immediately drawn in.

End of Life Planning

Though we hardly consider all the work we’re leaving for our loved ones after we die, it can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time for them. Lantern is a public benefit corporation whose main objective is to assist people with planning for their death. Despite it being slightly unconventional, no one should die without a plan. You may have plans for the funeral, or you may want to send notes to loved ones. You may need to manage the person’s finances or allocate their benefits.

Lantern can help you organize everything you need. You can also invite collaborators to help you with the process. All of your data stored on Lantern is 100% confidential, and users should feel safe that their information is protected. Lantern also offers educational articles on their blog to help navigate you through the grieving process.

Save Money Every Year

One of the main ways to achieve financial success is by keeping the money you earn. Turbo Finance offers financial consultation for users concerning money management, credit, debt, and more. Simply making wise financial decisions every year could save you thousands of dollars. You could potentially be missing out on money that you have no idea even exists. Turbo Finance aims to address these concerns and help people get the most out of their financial situation.

The brand also has made it an objective to provide as much educational material as possible to the public. They are among the few brands that conduct in-depth reviews on financial services like specific credit card companies and banks. They also release guides on how to lower your insurance costs and adequately deal with taxes, as well as many other finance-related issues.

Invest In Stocks

As mentioned previously, investing your money is a significant step in solidifying a strong financial future. As one of the banking sector leaders, Charles Schwab makes it easy for consumers to invest their money. Now, users can open a trading account for free on their platform and trade with zero percent commission fees. On their platform, users can trade all U.S. stocks, as well as international stocks. They also offer a host of various research tools and have one of the industry’s best support teams, winning several awards in the past few years.


By maximizing your income, keeping as much of that income as possible, and investing your assets wisely, you can build a strong financial future for yourself. As seen time and time again, simply making a lot of money does not guarantee economic prosperity. You must know how to manage your money and make the most out of your assets.

Always keep learning new ways to save and make money. The economy is continuously changing, and financial trends are popping up left and right. Stay ahead of the game and be prepared for the next opportunity to build your future. It could be right under your nose.

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