(Photo : Youtube/The Verge) Tesla to have video games inside electric vehicles
2021 Tesla Model S
(Photo : Tesla via YouTube)

Tesla has been leaked with new features and soon-to-be coming with the "Tesla Network" as dubbed by a popular leaker and reports, which would be a cloud-based driver profile that would be used for commercial purposes. By commercial, Tesla is speculated to be looking into ride-hailing and sharing features like UBER and other companies.

(Photo : Youtube/The Verge)
Tesla to have video games inside electric vehicles

The "Tesla Network" would reportedly upload the profiles and files into the company's secure and encrypted cloud, which would hold all profiles and demographics for the soon-to-be drivers of the electric vehicle. Initially, driver profiles are already created in Tesla EVs, however, those details are kept within the car and with their owner.

Leaks have not been specific with the update, but it has been a long-time plan of the CEO, Elon Musk, to let Tesla be used in ride-hailing features to reduce carbon emissions when going from one place to another. The company's electric vehicles are one of the most commercially successful brands there is, and it offers several affordable models that are fully electric.

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Tesla Driver Profiles Would Soon be Uploaded

According to Tesla software update hacker, and leaker, green (@greentheonly), there was something he found in the electric vehicle's systems that is still inactive and not yet something that is launched by the company. Moreover, the leaker has divulged that the script that he found is focused on "global vehicle data" for its drivers.


The global vehicle data would be mainly based on its driver and their profiles, which would soon be uploaded to a cloud in which Tesla would be managing and storing identities of its drivers. This move resembles cloud driver network profiles that are used by ride-hailing companies including UBER, Lyft, Grab Taxi, CURB, and more.

The system would automatically change driver profiles into one's infotainment system once the information of the driver is already uploaded to the cloud. This may suggest that Tesla would not be "globalizing" the update, as it would identify car owners from drivers who would register their Tesla EVs to a ride-hailing app to use for business or share rides.

Tesla Cloud Profile is to Bring Data Anywhere; Would they Ride-Hail Soon?

2021 Tesla Model S
(Photo : Tesla via YouTube)

According to green, the Tesla Cloud Profile that has already been uploaded would be with a person anywhere, and would automatically be uploaded whenever entering or riding another Tesla EV. Profiles such as demographics, settings, games, and other data would reflect in the new EV's infotainment system, effectively personalizing it.

On the other hand, according to Electrek, the update may be something that could point to ride-hailing, as it holds driver profile which is like how other ride-sharing apps use. The profile on the cloud could make it easier for the app to access data and driver information, in case there is an emergency or other incidents or events occur.

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