Mozilla Firefox 86: 'Total Cookie Protection' to Safeguard Users From Online Tracking
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/TechAltar) Mozilla Firefox 86 now tightens its security through the 'Total Cookie Protection' to fight trackers.

Mozilla has become a fortress of data privacy protection when it comes to web browsing. The recent update of its new Firefox 86 now features "Total Cookie Protection," so the fear of the users for the possible attacks of the online trackers will now be put to rest.

Besides that, the company continues to improve its credibility when it comes to user data protection. The improved tracking protection mode will say no to a possible cross-site tracking for your safer access to the internet.

How Firefox's 'Total Cookie Protection' Protect You From Online Intruders

The art of tracking through cookies is now one of many methods that are often used as part of commercial tracking, like in the case of online ads for businesses. The companies' targeted ads are annoying, but for the sake of advertising, that is how it works.

Through Firefox's introduction of anti-tracking cookies, the "cookie jar," where the little clusters of data are separated from other containers, the term originated from Mozilla employees.

The browsing app secures your data by informing the websites that the data will not go everywhere. This is immediately activated when a website asks you if you want to store cookies in Firefox, Know Techie reported

The "Total Cookie Protection" is fused with the enhanced tracking protection that will fully protect the user when it comes to data stealing.

Mozilla Encountered a Problem in the Past

There was a time that even though Mozilla posed an impressive grade in cookie tracking, the company will still struggle, as some researchers said. The tech experts and advocates identified a not entirely noticeable method because it could gather users' data without applying third-party cookies.

In 2019, a news website from France was the first one to use it. It became widely-known to many, but there are no browsers that could match this sneaky technique.

However, with Mozilla Firefox's latest cookie protection method, users can now breathe comfortably without thinking if their data is collected on a website.

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How to Enable 'Total Cookie Protection' in Mozilla Firefox?

If you want to turn on the feature, BGR listed the following steps that you should do.

  1. Install or update your latest Firefox browser
  2. Go to the Preferences panel
  3. Click Privacy and Security
  4. Choose Strict Protection mode

Downside: Launching the feature might cause other websites to malfunction, so it is still up to the users if they want to enable it.

How Other Browsers Combat Privacy Issues?

Mozilla Firefox 86 relies on "Total Cookie Protection." On the other hand, the Safari browser of Apple has "Intelligent Tracking Prevention" to protect users' browsing.

Google Chrome is also planning to enhance third-party cookies support through the "Privacy Sandbox," which is still under development. Despite several issues that Chrome has faced, it still remains the most popular browser among users.

Earlier this month, Google removed user-tracking cookies from Chrome. The company's product manager, Chetna Bindra, said that they are considering FloC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) as a replacement.

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