Family photos may never be the same again as they can take on a new life. MyHeritage, a genealogy platform, had released a feature that animates the faces in still pictures using video reenactment technology.

Deep Nostalgia's technology

MyHeritage is the leading service for discovering a person's past. MyHeritage announced on Feb. 26 the release of its new feature, Deep Nostalgia.

The feature can animate the faces in still photos, thus giving family history a whole new perspective by producing a realistic idea of how a person from the past could have looked and moved if they were in a video instead of a photo.

MyHeritage is the only global company that has the complete offering of colorizing, restoring, enhancing, and animating old photographs, even those that date back decades ago, according to USA Today.

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Deep Nostalgia is licensed from the AI face platform D-ID. It uses pre-recorded driver videos that are all prepared by the company MyHeritage. All the pre-recorded videos can direct all of the animation movements, thus making it consist of real human gestures that are sequenced.

How Deep Nostalgia works

The users can upload a picture, and it won't matter how many faces are in it. The picture is then enhanced before it gets animated using the photo enhancer of the site.

The feature will then choose the best driver to apply to the picture, depending on the user's photo. The feature will then produce a short video animation of a person's face that can blink, move and smile.

Gilad Japhet, the founder, and CEO of MyHeritage, said that people will be impressed once they see their treasured family photo come to life after using Deep Nostalgia. He added that seeing our ancestors' faces come to life in a video simulation lets us think about how they were in real life, and it gives a new way of connecting to our history.

MyHeritage users can animate up to five pictures for free before they are required to subscribe and upload more.

Deep Nostalgia uses numerous pre-recorded driver videos that MyHeritage prepares, and it directs the movements in the animation, and it also has a series of real human gestures ready.

The driver is selected based on the face's orientation, and it is applied to the picture. The overall result is a short, high-quality video animation of a person's face that can blink, move and smile.

According to BusinessWare, to get the best results, the pictures are enhanced before it is animated using a photo enhancer. It brings the blurry and low-resolution faces into focus and increases the resolution.

Deep Nostalgia is the newest AI-based tool of MyHeritage, and it comes after two other features that the site added in 2020, the MyHeritage Photo Enchancer and MyHeritage In Color, which colorizes black and white pictures and can also restore the colors in faded color pictures.

These AI-based features have been the talk of the town and have been used more than 30 million times. MyHeritage wants to create that type of momentum by adding new tools for improving historical pictures that can inspire a fresh appreciation for family history and nostalgic family pictures.

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