Starlink Coverage Map 2021: Elon Musk's Satellite Internet Connection Already has 10,000 Beta Testers
(Photo : Screenshot From SatelliteMap Online) Starlink Coverage Map 2021: Elon Musk's Satellite Internet Connection Already has 10,000 Beta Testers

The famed Starlink is already on its preorder in some places and has even rolled out in other areas already, except, only the beta test as of the moment. There are reportedly a number of places wherein the satellite internet connection has already launched. The service is also expected to start over in Europe some time soon.

Starlink map coverage: SpaceX

An article by Teslarati covers how one of Elon Musk's newest projects is expected to launch in Europe very soon. Another article by PC Mag has provided the Starlink map of service which also seems to be a Starlink map update for those that have seen other ones which did not yet have the new places yet.

As of the moment, both the Starlink beta testing and Starlink preorders have already begun but it is still very limited to certain geological locations and also works on a first-come-first-serve basis. Based on the recent FCC filing, Starlink had been able to confirm already having about 10,000 customers as part of the company's Better Than Nothing beta test. SpaceX has just recently been awarded with a whopping $856 million grant coming from the United States government in order to help bring the whole broadband access further to rural America, according to an article by CNN.

Where is Starlink available now?

According to CNBC, the company will still require a massive 12,000 satellites as opposed to the over 1,000 satellites already launched. As of the moment, the rate SpaceX Starlink is manufacturing satellites is at about 120 satellites every month.

As of the moment, Starlink is still prioritizing those "high latitude" areas located on the northern part of the Earth. These include places like Canada and also the upper parts of the US. Ultimately, the end goal will be to get the whole Starlink satellite internet available to connect towards every single part of the world. In a recent tweet, Elon Musk actually clarified that Starlink would initially hit Seattle first then get what was called "progressively closer" towards the equator.

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How Starlink will change the Internet?

Due to Startlink being a satellite internet service, the main coverage can actually vary by just a second. With only just a little over a thousand satellites out in orbit, there are some parts of the world that will be able to get better coverage depending on when the said internet constellation is going to pass through. There are also other coverage maps online like that of SatelliteMap that show where the signal is located.

As of the moment, it looks like there are a number of satellites located around the North-Western part of the United States. This also includes some clusters located near New Zealand as well as Australia. In the United States, there are actually customers located in major cities that are already willing to give Starlink a try.

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