For laptop enthusiasts, one can tell the difference between the Apple MacBook Pro laptop from a new laptop that will soon land this year.  While they share some similarities in designs, you can see that this is not the usual Apple laptop that you can check in stores.

A startup company named Framework built this laptop, which follows its product name. The sleek feature of this laptop might be intriguing, but once we dive into what it can do, you will surely be amazed at how capable it is for usage. 

The Framework Laptop is Not Your Ordinary Laptop

Framework Laptop 2021: Unlimited DIY Repairs, 4TB Storage, 11th Gen Processor and More!
(Photo : Framework)
Framework Laptop is a new-gen laptop which can lasts for a longer period than a regular laptop.

According to a report by Tech Radar, the Oculus VR co-founder Nirav Patel has arrived at the idea of marketing this eco-friendly laptop for the users. Indeed, disposing of parts like batteries and LEDs have an adverse impact on the environment, but to him, users can now enjoy using a smart device that can help contribute to reducing the wastes on the planet.

The laptop is named after the startup, Framework, which is also the first product of the company in its exploration in the field of consumer electronics. What's amazing about this laptop is it is entirely customizable. Patel said that they will continue to make the next products with the same pattern of customizability.

It's no wonder that the Framework laptop is one of the most awaited laptops this year, along with numerous computers, notebooks, and other devices that will invade the electronics market.

Unlike a regular computer, the new laptop is something like a LEGO toy that you can assemble and disassemble anytime you want. It is also important to remember that you can upgrade the device perpetually, seeing as the parts are adjustable and will only require swapping in an instant.

This year, a lot of wearables like smartwatches have been rising in popularity. Similarly, the digital age has been growing extensively for the sole purpose of endless innovation for human needs.

However, while several new releases are on their way, it is noteworthy to think that the Framework laptop can thrive amid the digital competition. This is because users want something that is upgradeable to save some money in buying another device by the time it becomes outdated.

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If you pay close attention to the new-gen laptops, their battery lives are admirable since people always aim for a high-end device with decent performance.

But, you cannot upgrade them anymore since the memory and SSD are already attached to the mainboard. In addition, some laptops and desktops do not permit upgrades in terms of their GPU and CPU, so that is immediately a minus point for their part.

Framework Laptop Features

According to BGR, the Framework laptop allows the user to switch the chips inside and outside. All you need is a screwdriver to access the device and you can now replace the individual parts with your components. Besides, its screen is also swappable so if it breaks, you can immediately switch it.

Furthermore, it also fills the problem that a MacBook fails to address: the free placing of multiple ports to your desired positions. Moreover, it has a screen display (2256x1504) which is 13.5 inches. It can also run 11th gen Intel Core processor, which is suitable for Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.

When it comes to the camera, its 60 fps webcam is a real impression, together with a 55Wh battery. If you are looking for its RAM, it has 64 GB of its DDR4 storage, whereas its external storage can reach up to 4TB (Gen 4).

You can also connect other devices to it since it has microSD, HDMI, a Display port, USB Type-A, and USB Type-C port, to name a few. Its performance should not fool you as it is a lightweight laptop weighing 1.3 kg, with a thickness of 15.85mm.

The Goal of Framework to the Environment

The Framework laptop is designed to be environment-friendly as much as possible. Its composition consists of 50% of recycled aluminum and 30% of recycled plastic. According to the startup, you can also recycle its packaging.

"We chose an ambitious mission and assembled an incredible team to deliver on it, bringing experience from the founding team of Oculus and design, engineering, and operations across Apple, Google, Lenovo, and more," Patel said.

By the summer, the Framework laptops will be shipped before being launched to the public so that users could check their specs.

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