HyperX Alloy Origins 60: What to Know About This Small but Terrible Mechanical Keyboard?
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/randomfrankp) HyperX's Alloy Origins 60 mechanical gaming keyboard.

HyperX released its latest mechanical keyboard that is budget-friendly especially for typists and gamers. The Alloy Origins 60 is now in the limelight of the Esports industry, and tech-savvy users are now eyeing to try this small but mighty computer gadget.

What Does HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Offer?

The Alloy Origins 60 is a well-known 60 percent gaming keyboard when it comes to video game enthusiasts. When compared to the 2019 version of the Alloy Origins, it has 61 keys but the rest of the features are retained.

When it comes to its HWD (Height-Width-Depth) of 1.5 x 11.63 x 4.13 inches, it now removes the arrow keys, as well as the function row. Meanwhile, the addition of the streamlined keys took the place of the removed parts.

It is truly a small mechanical keyboard that was polished by stripping away some keys so it would be much easier for desktop use. If you are playing on the computer, you can maneuver the keyboard easily in an ergonomic position, PCMag reported.

When it comes to its materials, Origins 60's base is made in aluminum, where it surprisingly weighs 1.63 lbs, which is much heavier than a typical keyboard.

However, preference over its weight varies among users. Others want a lighter one so they can move it freely while others want a stationary keyboard.

Furthermore, it offers a USB-C cable that you can detach so you can use it everywhere you go. Similar to the original model of the Alloy Origins, the 60 version boasts its Red linear switches.

For gamers, you will feel a different feeling of a soft tap which will suit your typing tasks besides gaming.

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According to the author of the article, alternate keycaps are good accessories for the Alloy Origin 60. Its RGB lighting should also be admired that gives life to the keyboard. HyperX's latest keyboard indeed received a big boost when it comes to its functions and features.

What Lacks In Size, Makes Up for its Big Upgrade

You can now explore the configuration app of Allow Origins 60, the HyperX Ngenuity. The app is still in development but once it is entirely finished, it will be helpful software for your keyboard. Through the settings, you can adjust the lighting and the different options.

Moreover, its PBT keycaps will provide the needed durability that you are seeking when it comes to the keyboard. Compared to Razer Synapse, it is still unstable so you cannot fully achieve your desired settings yet. It will still take some time for it to be completed.

"HyperX is committed to making reliable keyboards with features and design specifications required by gamers," HyperX keyboard business manager, Jennifer Ishii said in a report by Hardcore Gamer.

For its price, it will cost $99.99 to buy the Alloy Origins 60. Although it appears to be expensive compared to other keyboards that range from $109.99 to $129.99, this HyperX keyboard will provide a more controlled setup for your gaming. This 60 percent gadget will take you to places through its outstanding features, switches, and design

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