Mac promotes powerful software features built-in their system, making utility easier for the users. 

There are useful hacks you need to know about your Mac. Hacks can give you hassle-free experiences, shortcuts, and functions you might not have known to exist in your Mac. iPhone scanner function, which is a free feature, could be one of them. It also cuts out the middle steps, such as uploading and transferring images which ultimately wastes your time. Learn how to scan files with only a few clicks.

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Aside from Notes, Mac's apps like TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, Messages, Mail, Keynote, and Finder can also access the iPhone scanner.

To start, control-click or right-click the open window where you want your document scanned into. Select the "Import from iPhone of iPad," and then click "Scan Documents." The camera app will automatically open to the linked or registered mobile device, and the scan can be taken as usual- no wires required.

Scanning Documents Issues and Fixes

According to the support page for this feature, your iPad or iPhone needs to be running on iOS 12 or later, and your Mac needs to be running on macOS Mojave or later. Be sure to update your apps to the latest version for the best compatibility.

When using this scan hack, remember to log both devices in the same Apple ID. Both devices must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Sometimes you might be required to authenticate your Apple account with the two-factor authentication security system. Lastly, be sure to enable Bluetooth on both your iPhone and Mac.

If your scanner does not work, try the following steps provided by MUO:

  • Ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Enable Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Try signing out of iCloud and signing back in. You may also need to troubleshoot common iCloud problems.
  • Restart both your iOS device and Mac and try again.

The hacks you learned today not only work for your paper documents but also for your notes and pictures. Follow the same procedure but replace "Scan Documents" with "Take Photo." You can manually drag the focus circles to identify the document corners better. The feature automatically converts your scan to a PDF file, making it easy to archive.

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People handling documents should know the importance of scanning them. Keeping your files together in a single profile is also another option through the cloud drive. The best part is about real-time processing of these documents.

No need to carry heavy loads of paper files that you might forget wherever you go. Documents from your Mac could be presented instantly through your iPhone and vice versa. You should easily have access to all the specific files you need, especially during emergency times. No need to work your way around the nearest printer. Instead, have your documents ready on-the-go.

Continuity Camera is a feature available since 2018 that allows you to scan an image or document and directly insert photos into the app. For general purposes, Continuity Camera is a good replacement for the traditional flatbed scanners.

Continuity Camera may not be a new feature, but it is important to understand that its compatibility also works with other Mac apps.

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