Delayed Apple Card Payment Will Not Disable Your Apple ID, Says Company
(Photo : Photo by blocks on Unsplash ) Delayed Apple Card Payment Will Not Disable Your Apple ID, Says Company

Apple confirmed that holding the Apple ID will not affect the missed payments of customers in their Apple Card.

The commotion broke on Mar.2 when Dustin Curtis, a developer and a designer from California posted his story about the payment on his Apple Card. This led to others to fear that their IDs could be held when they miss a payment in their cards.

What Happened to Dustin Curtis

Curtis wrote in his blog that Apple has disabled his Apple ID accounts, as well as the App Store and the iCloud. The blogger added that it all started when he updated some apps in his App Store on his Mac, and he encountered an error.

The designer was aware that account exploitations are common on the internet through numerous stories from people. Furthermore, he grew concerned over this scenario, that even his emails can be lost in a sudden.

As a result, Curtis became curious if Apple could do the same treatment but he found out that it was only a glitch. However, his Music app did not run the next day, so he checked his phone, and Apple services are not working.

He also made use of the Handoff feature, but it was also disabled in the process. Although apps like Apple Photos and iMessage can be opened, the rest of the apps are not functioning so he fretted that the data stored there cannot be retrieved anymore.

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In the end, his accounts have been reactivated after a series of emails that he wrote to Apple, but the situation still bugged him since Apple said that it will hold his account for the payment collection.

Apple Issues a Statement About the Problem

In a report by 9to5mac, Apple clarified that what happened is confusion to its customers. 

"We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience we may have caused for this customer. The issue in question involved a restriction on the customer's ‌Apple ID‌ that disabled App Store and iTunes purchases and subscription services, excluding iCloud," Apple stated in a statement.

The Cupertino tech titan added that the customer was instructed to return the MacBook Pro to it, as part of the agreement. This is because Apple could not collect funds from the customers, so the Apple ID was immediately disabled. But, the company said that what happened here is 'entirely unrelated' to Apple Card.

Apple confirmed that there is no connection between Apple ID and Apple Card in terms of freezing the former due to a missed payment. The company continued that Curtis' situation was considered a trade-in issue. At the time, he bought the M1 Mac and got a discount after opting for a trade-in in his older Mac.

Curtis had also made mistakes in the case because he said that Apple did not write any emails about his Mac trade-in, but he did not recall it. The scenario led to the trade-in discount even though he did not return the Mac to the company.

Moreover, Curtis overran some Apple emails and he only paid attention when his Apple was held. He used an Apple Card for the purchase. The company could not get any payment to Curtis which results in the freezing of his Apple ID.

The company reminded those who have missed payment should not worry about this case in their Apple IDs.

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