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Clubhouse is one of the most popular apps nowadays and has surprisingly taken the world by storm. On the outside, it's hard to pinpoint what the whole Clubhouse app experience is about. As of the moment, the popular app has a whopping 10 million users and is still growing in size! While finding the users' niche on Clubhouse could take a lot of trial and error, the users found their reported niche keep coming back.

Clubhouse top users

According to an article by Wired, Clubhouse actually doesn't have a public API, this means Vahe Hovhannisyan, a software engineer that reportedly joined the company, could not be able to pull data coming directly from the app, but instead, he reportedly created his very own database by looking directly at who Clubhouse's founders, Rohan Seth, and Paul Davidson, were reportedly following.

He then identified a number of Clubhouse's power users and created a sample of 5,000 of them.

Hovhannisyan published a list of his top 200 Clubhouse users on the Read This Twice platform, a certain book recommendation website which he also runs during his very own spare time. Of the mentioned top 20 accounts on the list, six of them are venture capitalists, and five are popular entertainers. The last three of them are known Clubhouse employees.

Why is Clubhouse so popular? 

One of the most popular users (not within the application but in general), Elon Musk, recently used the app to interview the Robinhood CEO over the whole GameStop frenzy. This is one of the biggest happenings on the app so far.

Here are the top 20 Clubhouse users

Rohan Seth (Cofounder)

4.48 Million Followers

Paul Davison (Cofounder)

3.98 Million Followers

Tiffany Haddish (Entertainer)

3.82 Million Followers

Felicia Horowitz (Entertainer) 

3.70 Million Followers

Marc Andreessen (Business)

3.52 Million Followers

Chris Lyons (Business)

3.50 Million Followers

Jared Leto (Actor/Entertainment)

3.49 Million Followers

Bomani X (Musician)

3.39 Million Followers

Shaka Senghor (Writer)

3.25 Million Followers

Van Jones (Media/CNN)

3.24 Million Followers

Ben Horowitz (Business/Writer)

3.20 Million Followers

Andrew Chen (Business)

3.12 Million Followers

Anu (Physician/Writer/Actor)

3.11 Million Followers

Josh Constine (Writer)

3.10 Million Followers

Gayle (Media)

3.04 Million Followers

Nait Jones (Business/Entertainment)

2.93 Million Followers

Scooter (Entertainment)

2.92 Million Followers

Jeff Carvalho (Writer)

2.83 Million Followers

Meek Mill (Musician)

2.82 Million Followers

FADIA (Musician)

2.77 Million Followers

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This list was provided by and showed the 20 most influential people on the Clubhouse app. For those curious about how many followers Elon Musk has, his account can be seen down the list and reportedly has 1.6 million followers.

The company is now reportedly developing an Android version of Clubhouse as it is currently only available for Apple users at the moment. Although there is still no estimate as to how far off the Android version of Clubhouse could be, Android users might have to wait a little while longer in order to try out the new app.

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