Clubhouse Taps Medium Software Engineer Mopewa Ogundipe to Work on Android Version: Who is This Developer?
(Photo : Screenshot From Social Media Examiner YouTube) Clubhouse Taps Medium Software Engineer Mopewa Ogundipe to Work on Android Version: Who is This Developer?

Due ot Clubhouse's rapid growth as a social media audio app, the company has now hired an Android software developer known as Mopewa Ogundipe. This reportedly signaled that the said startup has now begun development of a certain version of its particular app for the popular mobile OS that was created by Google.

Clubhouse app gets Android version

Mopewa Ogeundipe recently Tweeted that it was actually her first day to work at Clubhouse noting that those who know would also know that hse has opinions regarding iOS only apps. She then stated that she was very excited to finally be joining the team in order to bring the party over to Android.

While Clubhouse had previously launched back in March 2020, ever since then, the company has reportedly become one of the hottest ever consumer apps out there in Silicon Valley. On the Clubhouse app, users can reportedly gather in audio-only virtual rooms where they will be able to discuss some topics regarding tech, socialize over pop culture, or even listen to certain speakers just like Elon Musk.

Co-founders Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson announce success

So far, the app has only reportedly been available to the iPhone users who can join through an invite to the said app. Despite the exclusivity from Apple, the app has now reached over 10 million weekly active users accordingt Clubhouse co-founders both Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson announcement just recently, according to the story by CNBC.

This huge influx of new users is reportedly up from its initial 2 milliion weekly active users recorded back in January 24. The company's reported development of a particular Android app would actually come after it had then secured a brand new funding round coming from venture capital firm known as Andreessen Horowitz over in January. The funding round was reportedly for approximately a whopping $100 million and also gave the said app a $1 billion valuation according to Axios.

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Who is Mopewa Ogundipe?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Mopewa Ogundipe has done quite a lot of different things in her career as an Android software developer. The beginning of her LinkedIn profile actually mentioned that she had worked for Instagram as a Software Engineer Intern. Aside from this, there were reportedly three very interesting projects in which Mopewa Ogundipe was involved with.

The first one was at Carnegie Mellon University as a teaching assistant going up to a teaching fellow. Another interesting advancement was that she started as a Software Engineer Intern over at Khan Academy making her way to Software Engineer. Her most recent involvement and project was at Medium going from Software Engineer all the way up to Senior Software Engineer. As for Mopewa Ogundipe's upcoming work with Clubhouse, users can only wait and see what the results will be.

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